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You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on spa treatments and luxurious hotels to experience complete relaxation. The same effect can in fact be accomplished at the comfort at your very own home. All you have to do is take into consideration some of these following guidelines and creative ideas in order to spruce up your entire bathroom. Once you adapt everything to your need to unwind and de-stress, you’ll probably wish never to leave your bathtub again.

Spa Bathtub

Start with the tub

When you think about luxury and relaxation, the first thing that pops to mind is the tub, of course. This is to starting point of your redesigns and remodeling. The tub itself should have adequate length and depth, so you can slip into a hot bath without having to deal with uncomfortable positions. There are even tubs which can automatically set the desired level of water as well as temperature at the press of a button. Also, if you want to do something with the lights to set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere, then consider delving a little deeper in this alternative medicine method called chromatherapy. Oh, and everyone loves a massage, so why not add air jets to caress or your body or simulate a strong sensation to loosen up those muscles?


Once you’re done with your showering, there is no better feeling that wrapping yourself up in a warm, soft towel. This is something you should also focus on. For instance, heated tiles or inexpensive, remote-controlled, radiant heat floors beneath your feet is where you want to stand once you exit your bathtub. If you are remodeling everything from ground up, besides an electric grid system or water hoses, what you can also do is install some solar panels to turn to green solutions for energy and water consumption. Towel warmers, too, are something you want to install and a wall-mounted radiator will keep your room temperature regulated and suited to your liking. Bottom line is, if you cannot manage to make these previously mentioned changes, at least get yourself a nice plush mat on the floor to avoid cold feet.

Additional props

The point is to make the entire bathroom environment appealing and pleasant. However, besides using candles and oils for aromatherapy, you can always raise the stakes by adding essential oils in a special showerhead suited for such needs. Place surround-sound speakers around the bathtub or better yet install waterproof speakers in or near the source of water to enhance your overall relaxation experience with music. Even television is an option for additional entertainment, just remember to add a protective transparent mirror which disappears when you want to watch it, or reappears when so that you want to examine yourself.

Bathroom Spa

Bathroom features

Another thing that you should deal with if you are to enhance your overall home spa experience is to look at the features you use the most and see what can be upgraded. Just remember to stay practical on this one. For instance, we use showers quite more often than we take long baths. This is a hint enough to replace your showerhead, by choosing one that enables you to adjust the water pressure to your liking. You can maybe even customize the shower space with steam options, or add a wall-installed body-sprays. Also, at bathroom renovations Sydney you can find everything you need for quick fixes which are good for your budget, such as clearing the shower stall of clutter and corral products, placing a nice, light shower curtain to liven up the place and keep the water from spraying all over and installing a beautiful deep sink with plenty of counter space.

There are many inexpensive ways, a wide array of options that can beautifully and practically help you enjoy your time in the bath or shower. Just remember that some features must be kept away from water, otherwise you will have extra maintenance expenses. Of course, some things, on the other hand will require more money, so if you’re planning on spending it and making drastic changes, deal with your budget thoroughly first. Make sure you won’t have any unexpected costs. Everything else is just your imagination and hedonism.

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