Ensuring the Best Preparation Before a Mastectomy

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A mastectomy to remove a breast that is affected by cancerous tissue is often only undertaken after a series of other medical treatments is undertaken in a bid to remove the cancerous cells without resorting to surgery. However, in some cases, when chemotherapy, radiotherapy and often hormone treatments have been exhausted the only option remaining may be a breast removal procedure.

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When a mastectomy is recommended by a breast surgeon, the initial consultation may be a blur for the individual told they must have their breast removed. At this point the preparation for the mastectomy at a hospital or breast clinic will begin, for many men and women affected by breast cancer the need to take a friend or family member along for consultations is often recommended. Another individual can listen to the information given by medical professionals and help make sure all the required steps are taken in the run up to the surgery.

A breast surgeon will make a number of recommendations to the patient, mostly made after discussing the medical history and lifestyle of the individual. Most medical professionals working at a breast clinic recommend that a smoker immediately cease smoking, initially to improve their general health, but also to make sure the individual is at less of a risk from chest infections around the site of the surgery.

Although, a mastectomy is an important surgical operation, it is also one that does not regularly require a long hospital stay. A patient is generally released from the breast clinic within one to two days, meaning that unless otherwise informed enough clothing and required belongings should be available for this amount of time. The surgeon and their medical staff will also provide information on the fasting instructions that are given to make sure the patient remains safe and well while under general anesthesia. Different hospitals and anesthesiologists have their own rules on fasting, with some allowing the patient to eat up to six hours before the surgery and others requiring a longer period of fasting.

Before the surgery takes place, it is important that the individual undergoing the surgery is prepared to have their heart rate, blood pressure and urine tested to make sure they are healthy enough to undergo the surgery. One of the most important aspects of preparing for surgery is to make sure all appointments and required classes or checkups are completed to keep the individual prepared and on course for this important surgical procedure. If you want to know more about mastectomy, check out this post on Dr. Simon Weight website.

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