Ergonomic Workstations that Will Spruce up your Office

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For years, my business focused more on its bottom line. We did not have time for a designer office, and aesthetics didn’t matter much to me. I assumed everything was fine, as my employees never complained or grumbled about the décor or gloomy, dark interiors. Why should they? They were being paid well.


However, as time went by and the business started to expand, I felt there was a need to alter the décor and instill some life into the interiors. The way forward was getting rid of those closed work spaces and having an open office design. That is when I zeroed in on workstations.

Why Workstations?

I opted for open office designs as they are known not just to be cost-effective, but also great for fostering teamwork and communication. I wanted workstations that would offer my employees privacy to do their work while improving the aesthetics of the office. So, there was no doubt in my head that workstations were the need of the hour. Plus, I wanted to do away with cramped cabins and dull interiors and have more open spaces for people to mingle and walk comfortably.

While there are many workstation designs and ideas, I opted for Emanate workstations, as I could get access to a range of colors, sizes and shapes. I wanted something stylish and this company had the goods I was looking for.

Modern and Stylish Workstation Ideas

I was impressed with the numerous workstation designs I came across. Of course, some were more impressive than others and that is why they stood out. Here are some great workstation designs to suit business and executive offices of all types.

• Screen-based Workstation: It is amazing to see how a humble office desk can transformed to something spectacular and functional. This workstation comes either with a full-length, floor-based screen or airspace screen that is about 400mm from the floor. The screen’s post legs double up as desk support. This workstation is equipped with mobile pedestals, soft wiring and screen hung shelves. In addition, I had the freedom to add other features and accessories to customize the workstation to suit the needs of my employees.

• Fairway Workstation: Ultimately, I opted for the fairway workstation design because visual barriers were minimal and made the workplace more transparent and open. I thought these workstation would encourage employees to collaborate and interact with each other. When they were not working, it would let them socialize and forge trust and bonds to work together as a team. This suited my purpose completely and I really loved the in-built cable management tray.

• Platform Workstation: When I first saw this one, I was impressed with the clean-cut square design. I could choose from a variety of powder coat finishes as well. I thought this workstation looked innovative and really modern.

• YL Workstation: What really impressed me about this workstation is the framework was so well designed that it caused minimum leg interference. Also, the feet of the workstations were adjustable to suit the height of the user. This made the workstations ergonomic. I had not seen this design in other offices and felt it would look great in my office. Though it was a shared workstation, it was designed in such a manner to offer ample storage and privacy to the two individuals. Thus, encouraging collaboration while ensuring high productivity.

• Flip Workstation: When browsing through workstation designs, I completely forgot about the wiring that each workstation would require. This design caught my eye because of the easy and simple access to the soft wiring system through flip through method. Plus the workstation could be divided using a screen or planter box.

I have to say I am very happy with my Emanate decision. I think it is great I opted to replace traditional office setup with modern workstations. The fairway workstations I opted for pleased my employees a lot and I can say that my employees’ morale, enthusiasm levels and productivity are sky high because of the innovative and stylish workstation design.

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