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Tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life? Who isn’t? The city life is pacing quickly that it’s normal to feel your inside a giant rat wheel; always peddling forward yet never seem to get you near where you want to. The moment these thoughts set in; take a break. You may be suffering from burnout and not even know it. What better way to do this than to take an exotic holiday destination all across Europe. Yes, indulge yourself with a little Rest and Relaxation to wear out those wrinkles among the best exotic destinations Europe has to offer.

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Visit the place that inspired the movie and novel The Godfather and marvel at vineyards that stretch as far as the eyes can see. The island is also home to olive groves as well as citrus plums. Sicily is also known for its arts and wine and magnificent landscapes like the Mount Etna, an active volcano situated at the east coast. Mythology has it that Hephaestus; the god of smiths forges under this mountain. Another great thing about the island is the festivals in Acireale, just north east coast of Sicily and just by the foot of Mt. Etna. The town is also rich in architectures, especially basilicas. 

Ionian Islands
Also known as Heptanese or the Seven Islands, these islands are located at the western coast of Greece. In the year 2012, it has attracted over a million of international tourists. There are guided tours and cruises that would lead you through the islands across it mesmerizing seas. What’s great about these islands are the great diversity of culture, arts and cuisine. It has been influenced by the French, Venetians, and the Brits.

Bask in Malta for its arts, architecture and rich Catholic heritage. All year long, the country celebrates different festivals as well as other Catholic traditions. The country boasts 1.2 million tourists every year that outnumber the locals three times. What’s great about Malta is that it is also popular among medical tourists. So if your insurance company does not cover your medical procedure, opting for Malta would be great option to get better.

It is an autonomous community in off the coast of Spain and is very popular for its night life and world heritage sites. The island does not only attract tourists but also DJs and performers from around the world to party among the different pubs. Photographers are also lured into the island for its rich landscapes and rustic sceneries. Among which are “God’s Finger” in Benirras Bay and the first settlement of Phoenicians at Sa Caleta.

A little R&R would be great especially to calm your nerves. These islands would not make you feel alienated since they’re all in Europe. You, on the other hand, may be surprised with the variation in culture as well as in dialect. To make your travel worthwhile, there is a wide collection of travel agencies that could guild you all the way through your visit. This would definitely get you off the hook of planning. So if you gave it a thought, dial the easyjet telephone number and get booked ASAP.

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