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There is no better way to spend an evening than while enjoying a royal dinner in the heart of London. There are many things to enjoy during such a dinner and there are so many things you will find different.

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The food served at royal dinners in London is quite exquisite. There is a wide array of international dishes that are available. The dishes are available in categories for vegetarians as well. If you love meat, there is a wide selection of red and white meats. These meals are served in different courses such as entrees, main meal and desserts. These are prepared by some of the world’s best chefs. Therefore, you are sure to be in for a culinary delight.


The drinks served at royal dinners are among the best in the world. Talk about wine and you will find some of the oldest mature wine from the top ranked vineyards in the world. Luxurious drinks such as champagne are also on offer. For those who do not like alcoholic drinks there are many non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy. There is also sparkling water if you would just like a drink to quench your thirst.

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Dress code:

One of the most elegant things about royal dinners is the fashion statement on display. These dinners have strict dress codes which are adhered to by all in attendance. This is a great part of the experience and you will see some of the designer gowns available on the market currently. Women normally adorn long luxurious evening gowns and expensive jewelry. The men attend these dinners in suits and tuxedos to complement the ladies. In some cases, there may be color coding required for the royal dinners although normally it is only the dress code dictated and not the colors.


There is excellent entertainment at the royal dinners. This is offered by live bands and world famous performers. The performers are selected from among the best musicians and performing artists in the world. During a royal dinner, you are bound to experience the best performance of a life time that you would normally not have without lining up for hours for a ticket. In addition, you get a front row performance and even a chance to interact with some of the professional artists. The entertainment at royal dinner can be varied and may include different artists and performance during one night. So there is no way you will get bored.

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Excellent services:

Another thing you are bound to experience during royal dinners in London is excellent world class service. The people who are waiting on you are some of the best in the hospitality industry. Therefore, there is no fear of asking for a drink and getting it an hour later. They are also quite helpful with any information you may need or assistance. If you are planning on visiting London, then you should get in touch with the ukba and get your visa. When in London, do not forget to enjoy a royal dinner that you will remember forever.

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