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London is not only popular because of its amazing views and sight but also because of the great and mouth watering cuisines that they are offering. If you want to try and experience a great traditional London food recipe you must know the most famous restaurants in London that offers them!

London Food Market

Here are a few of the well know restaurants that can certainly give you the great traditional London taste:

1. Rules

This restaurant can be found in the heart of the beautiful Covent Garden. They have been serving the best traditional British cuisines since 1978! Their specialty would be oysters, games, puddings and pies. They even acquired their own estate where their chef source high quality roe deer, game birds and Galloway beef. You will never get enough of the delectable meals and dishes that Rules has to offer.

2. Simpson’s in the Strand

This is a great place for all the fish and meat lovers and you will definitely appreciate their ornate interior. They have been around since 1828 and can completely provide you the best traditional London food experience. Their main specialty is the Scottish beef on the bone, which by tradition is carved and served at your table in an antique silver domed trolley. Experience a 150 year old tradition!

3. Quo Vadis

This restaurant opened around 1926 and maintains an amazing retro feel due to its parquet floors and stained glass windows. Great London food recipes like smoked eel, pheasant pie, horseradish sandwiches and pheasant pies are served at Quo Vadis. They also have a lively bar which serves champagne, cocktails, ales and different wines.

4. Corrigan’s Mayfair

This restaurant offers down to earth an seasonal dishes inspired by the rural Ireland upbringing of its chef Richard Corrigan. The restaurant offers a wonderful ambiance and a wide array of traditional must try dishes!

5. Goring Dining Room

This restaurant is commonly frequented by politicians and British royalties over the years. That only proves how good the food they serve would be. They offer the best custard tart and excellently cooked British food such as beef Wellington. The interior has been redesigned and will definitely give you that royal and luxurious feel.

6. Kensington Place

This 1987 built much loved neighborhood restaurant in Notting Hill has been serving the best brasserie dishes, and common favorites such as steak frites, seared Cornish scallops, and braised pig belly. These food choices are really must tries so keep them on your list. The place also offers a light and cool ambiance that will help you enjoy the food and place even more!

These restaurants can definitely guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate not only because of the food and the place but also for the great customer service that they are giving! I bet your tummy got a little excited to experience the best traditional London food recipe of your choice, so better get that passport application hastened, get your bags packed and try these excellent London treats! Find ways to quickly get your passport application done and don’t let it hinder you from having this amazing experience.

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