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Like any industry, IT offers a huge range of opportunities. Jobs within the industry range from cabling roles to highly paid project manager roles, and everything in between. If you enjoy working with your hands and solving problems, being a network installer is probably perfect for you. However, if your main motivator is money you have to plan your career from the very start.

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By far the best-paid roles are the project management ones, or programming roles that require the use of complex and rare languages, which not many people are familiar with. Here we will consider how to make sure that you earn as much as possible whilst working within the IT industry.

Step one – Identify the Best Paying Roles
The first step naturally is to identify exactly which IT roles pay the most. A quick and easy way of doing this is to visit the IT job board and carry out a salary search. If you type in £100,000 as a starting point, you will be quickly presented with the top paying IT roles. Should that bring back too long a list up the salary field by £10,000 increments until the list is short enough for you to scan. Ideally, your list should be around about 30 or 40 jobs long. This size list will enable you to identify roles, which are commonly available, but still pay higher wages.

Step two – Work out What Qualifications you need
In order to secure, these roles in the future you need to fulfil the criteria that the companies who are recruiting for these roles are looking for. Once again, an IT job board can be the perfect place to find out this information. Most job descriptions clearly lay out the experience and qualifications firms are looking for in candidates.

Step three – Gaining the Qualifications and Experience
Once you know what firms are looking for you can begin the process of acquiring the relevant qualifications and experience. Working this out will enable you to establish how realistic your chances are of qualifying to take on one of these high-paying roles. If you discover that, you will have to study for many years and pay out for training courses galore it may be better for you to change your goals and aim slightly lower.

However, if it only requires taking a few courses and gaining one or two years experience in a range of IT roles you can easily put yourself in the running for the highest paying IT jobs.

Step four – Finding Relevant Work
For most of highest paying IT roles experience is crucial. This means that you will have to go out and get the experience you need by filling a range of IT roles. Once again, you can use IT job boards to find work that is relevant for your long-term career goals.

With a bit of time and forethought it is not difficult to put yourself in the running for high paying IT roles. By taking a considered approach, you significantly improve your chances of securing your dream job and getting the most out of your career in IT.

Thomas Green has worked in computing for 20+ years and recommends using the IT job board to find high paid IT roles.

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