Five Maintenance Issues You Shouldn’t Overlook

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If you have ever noticed an abandoned building you have seen how startlingly fast the building just seems to crumble for lack of maintenance. Well constructed buildings have been known to last hundreds of years with vigilance and upkeep. The following maintenance tips will help you to keep your building, whether home or business in top, inhabitable shape.

Five Maintenence Issues

Begin With the Roof
Compromise in the structural integrity or roofing material quality on any building can bring about rapid disintegration and costly repairs. Not only will the roof require material and attention, but leakage of rain into the structure can cause a domino effect of damage to walls and flooring. Sometimes leaks can go undetected for months before significant problems are finally discovered. Routine roof examination for missing shingles or holes can help prevent future problems.

Windows Let in More Than Just Light
Water leakage around windows can also cause a lot of damage to window frames, walls and floors. Poorly installed windows are your building’s worst maintenance nightmare. Adequate and appropriate caulking that seals out rainwater and window casings that fit properly will eliminate window water problems and more.

Drainage Can Either Help or Hurt
A properly drained landscape adjacent to the structure will adequately direct heavy rains away from vulnerable foundations. An improperly landscaped yard against the foundation can actually funnel a heavy rain toward the foundation causing washout erosion and weakening the foundation walls. Routinely examine the ground that butts against the foundation to make certain that it slopes away from the wall. Check for and correct with fill, any signs of settling.

Keep Out Unwanted, Harmful and Destructive Pests
Few in the industry understand the impact of unwanted pests upon the integrity of a building than Tulsa Pest Control and few can remedy the situation better. Unwanted pests pose health and safety risks that are often underestimated, and can compromise the structural integrity of a building to the cost of tens of thousands of dollars in repair. Pests such as termites and carpenter ants can cause support beams beneath structures or foundation sills to be turned to little more than dust. Any sign of destructive pests requires an immediate call to the experts.

The Foundation Supporting the Building
Foundations must be examined regularly for sagging, caving or gaps that can allow a building to settle unevenly causing cracked walls and ceilings. Basic maintenance translates into saved dollars and a long life for your building.

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