Five Services That Will Make Your Home Look Like New Again

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Over time, dirt, molds, pollution and other contaminants can make a house look dingy and old. Just because a home ages it does not have to look it. There are services available to homeowners to make your home look new again. A makeover can take your home from dreary to becoming the showplace of the neighborhood.

Make Your Home Look Like New Again


Weather patterns, chemicals and time can change the plants on your property. Bushes and trees can overgrow or have a limited lifespan. Lawns can become laden with weeds, disease or insect infestation. Professional landscape technicians will use proper fertilizers for the type of grass in your lawn, flower gardens and shrubbery. The technician can recommend trees and other plants that will thrive in your climate and type of soil. Landscaping often improves a home’s resale value.

Concrete Repair Services

Concrete patios, driveways, walkways and garage floors can crack or sink over time. If the ground shifts underneath the structure, the slab can also break. This looks bad, but also creates a hazard for those walking on the surface. Weeds grow in the cracks; spreading roots cause damage underneath the concrete, further weakening it. A professional concrete repair service technician can level sinking slabs and make lasting repairs to breaks or cracks.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing cleans algae from roofs, dirt, mold streaks from siding, and makes your home look as though it undergone exterior remodeling.  According to American Clean & Seal Pressure Washing technicians, it’s important to hire a professional to evaluate your roofing materials, siding and the types of contaminants that need removal. They will use the proper cleaners and stain removers with pressure that will not cause any damage to the home or landscaping.

House Painting

If your home’s paint is chipping or peeling, a paint job can make your home look like new. There are paints on the market that have UV protectants, mold and fungus preventatives as well as stain-resistant chemicals. This helps the paint last longer and your home to look new longer. Professional painters can choose the right type of paint for your home’s siding and climate.

Upgrading Windows And Doors

Old windows and doors are woefully energy inefficient. Upgrading your doors and windows with energy efficient models can lower your bills and give your home a new look. Professional installation technicians will accurately measure the window and door spaces, order the proper windows for your home’s building type and materials and install them properly. Energy efficient doors and windows pay for themselves in energy savings and resale value.


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