Four Easy Ways To Reduce Your Dependence On Technology

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Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes it only makes them more complicated. Many individuals today feel enslaved by the various pieces of technology that they use throughout their day. If you find yourself helplessly dependent on modern conveniences, think about implementing some of these methods for reducing your dependence on technology.

Writing with pen

Start Sending Letters

Texting and sending emails from mobile devices can be useful in many circumstances. However, it can spiral out of control into an addiction for some individuals. If you find yourself unable to stop texting even when the situation requires it, scale back your usage. Most people feel quite liberated when they no longer feel compelled to read and answer every single text message immediately. If things are not urgent, try writing letters to the people you love. It will take a little bit more time, but the personal touch is irreplaceable.

Enjoy Non-Electronic Forms of Recreation

Almost everyone these days owns a computer and television set, and some people have literally forgotten how to have fun without them. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a TV show or surfing the net for a while. But if life does not go on as usual when these items are unavailable, you may need to set some limits on their use. Learning to enjoy a good novel, playing a musical instrument, or taking up some type of outdoor recreation are all ways to have fun without depending on electronics.

Shave With a Straight Razor

Performing some ordinary tasks the old fashioned way is a great release from technological dependence. Shaving is one such task. Although straight razors were largely replaced by safety razors and electric shavers, a small but dedicated contingent still enjoys shaving the old way. A straight razor properly cared for will last for decades; no need to buy replacement razor heads or batteries. Shaving with a straight razor, shaving soap, and a genuine badger hair brush is a great way to make do without electronic gadgets.

Take Up Biking

Automobiles are great for traveling long distances very quickly, but they have numerous downsides when being used for short distances. They require expensive fuel, contribute to pollution, and may break down en route. Bicycles use no fuel and thus produce no pollution. Being mechanically simpler than an automobile, they are also much less likely to break down. Riding a bicycle could be an excellent way to reduce your dependence on technology, get exercise, save money, and do a good deed for the environment all at once.

Becoming more independent from the technology in your life is best done through small but workable changes like these. You don’t have to completely cut yourself off from technology, but it is important to make sure that your life doesn’t shut off when the power does.

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