Four Gift Giving Tips for the Right Reaction Every Time

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Giving the right gift is determined by the recipient’s interests, age and lifestyle. The person offering the gift may consider the gift budget. There are many gift ideas to choose from including places to travel, entertainment or things to wear. Take time to find the right gift. This is also a cost-saving strategy.

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Surprise the recipient with a dinner show. This involves planning and obtaining tickets to a show or hosting one for the recipient. When hosting a show, consider seeking assistance from companies that deal with murder-mystery parties. This will help save money. Ask the company representative about group rates, availability and the factors included in the package.

Group Fly Fishing
Surprise the recipient with a group fly-fishing trip. This is an ideal gift for 3-5 people. The people going for the trip should carry fly rods with artificial flies. Fish to catch may range from pan fish to salmon. Some of the ideal locations for fly-fishing include streams, lakes and ponds.

Customized Jewelry
This is the right gift idea if you know the recipient’s jewelry taste. Customize the piece of jewelry to match the recipient’s taste and make it special. Examples of jewelry gift ideas include ruby necklaces, pearls and gold cuff links.

Plan to give this gift early to allow the jeweler enough time to customize the piece. Ask friends for ideas on how to customize the piece. Add a one-time professional jewelry cleaning service with the gift as a bonus.

Present the customized jewelry in a creative way such as hanging earrings from the rim of the recipient’s drinking glass or placing a bracelet on a cup’s handle. During the holidays, hang a necklace from an ornament like a Christmas tree.

Museum Gift
Rent part of a museum for a party as a gift. Some museums allow individuals to rent their premises for parties and other events. The most popular museums may have a waiting list. It is important to plan for the surprise party early. Check if the museum has party restrictions and group costs.

Avoid offering gifts the traditional way such as placing the gift in a card. Instead, choose a creative way of surprising the recipient. Offer a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. Place the gift card in another gift item like in the pockets of an outfit or in a wallet. Dress for the occasion when offering the gift. Look for ideas on how to dress for an event at

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