Four Household Chores to Teach Your Children While They’re Young

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Even though it’s impractical to expect a younger child to help out with more involved household chores, teaching them to assist in small ways is an important step toward building their independence and teaching them to be a helping hand in your home once they are older.



Instead of picking up the dirty clothes strewn across your child’s room, ask them to gather the items and place them in a laundry basket. Older children can even sort the items by color when necessary to save you a step in the laundry room. While a younger child may only be able to match socks, older children are often more than capable of putting shirts on hangers, folding pants and even putting everything away where it belongs.

Trash Duty

Toddlers can put trash in a wastebasket and normally find this to be an easy task that can even be made into a fun game. Children that are a bit older can provide additional help by gathering the trash from around the house to prepare for trash pickup the following morning. Cincinnati trash removal is provided by the city. Contact their offices about trash pickup, recycling and special disposal rules. Involve your older child in the process to give them a sense of responsibility for this chore.

Meal Time

Kids can help set the table as well as clean up after the meal is through. Make sure to use discretion with sharp items like forks and knives or anything that could break. While a toddler may only be able to help with paper napkins and plastic plates, an older child could be capable of everything from pouring drinks to washing the pots and pans.

Dusting, Sweeping and Vacuuming

While a toddler may make more of a mess if handed a rag and dusting spray, they generally do well with a handheld duster that they can easily swipe over any surface at their level. An older child can use a broom and even vacuum as long as the vacuum is not too heavy for them to operate.

Asking your child to help with chores should not be viewed as a punishment, but simply an expected part of being a responsible member of the household. Encouraging your child to help with some of these small chores will pay off as they become teenagers and independent adults, so don’t hesitate to start involving them with appropriate chores when they are young.


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