Four reasons why you should consider growing out a beard

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From making you look stylish to protecting your health, here are four reasons why you should consider growing out your beard!

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1. It Makes You More Attractive

Facial hair makes most men 100x times hotter in the eyes of most women, regardless whether it’s a slight stubble or a full beard. Plus, it can make you look more mature if you are suffering from a baby face.

2. It Benefits Your Health

Believe it or not, but your beard can protect your health! Indeed, your facial hair is a very efficient shield between your skin and the sun. Because of it, your beard can prevent premature aging, a whole lot of allergies, and even skin cancer!

3. Higher Chances Of Clear Skin

If you are past your teenage years, growing out a beard can help you to keep your skin blemish-free. However, the trick won’t work if you are not over the age of 18. Although, if you aren’t, you probably won’t be able to grow one anyway. The explanation is rather simple – once your hormones stop going haywire, your razor is the main reason behind the infection and inflammation. By growing out facial hair, you can avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs.

4. It’s In

Beards were popular last year, they are popular now, and they are going to be popular next year. Instagram is full of guys sporting all kinds of facial hair and ensuring this trend is not going to disappear anytime soon, so don’t be afraid to ditch your razor for a couple of months. Make sure to visit a barber shop midtown to get your facial styled once you get past the needed length, though.

These were four reasons why you should either grow out or keep your facial hair!

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