Four Space Saving Tips for Clothes Shop Owners

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If you own a small clothes shop, there’s a fair chance that space is of the essence. Finding that winning formula of fitting as many products into your store without making it look overcrowded and difficult to navigate is an ongoing challenge.

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With this in mind, below we have laid down four tips that will not only allow you the extra space you need, but also likely help you increase the frequency of client sales transactions.

1) Utilise Window Racks

Putting clothing racks onto your windows is a great way to not only utilise an otherwise empty space, but also attract more people into your shop, as they make people slow down to view your eye-catching displays. This should encourage them to make their way through your door eventually.

Keep in mind that though you’re going to want to get creative with these displays, the main purpose for placing these clothing racks onto your windows is so you can put more products on display. So, make sure the area is made available for customers to walk up to to browse.

2) Place Whole Outfits onto Slat Panels

Using slat panels is a flexible and inexpensive way to place both single items of clothing and full outfits along your shop walls. No matter where you choose to purchase your slat panels, keep in mind that these can be used both up high to display full outfits and down low to allow you to stack many verions of the same item together.

These are especially useful for clothes shops over any other due to the need to place clothing on racks and panels in order to keep them looking their best.

3) Remove the Cupboard Under the Stairs

If your shop spans over two levels, you may be able to utilise the space underneath the stairs for another rack of clothes. If you decide to go this route, first and foremost get in touch with a builder or surveyor to ensure the cupboard isn’t housing any supporting beams that, for obvious reasons, can’t be removed.

4) Reduce Your Counter Size

Chances are your shop counter is way too large for its purpose. Though having a bigger counter looks more impressive, it certainly won’t continue to look this way if you’re unable to pay for the roof above it as you’re wasting space that could otherwise be used to house clothing stock.

To save space, first of all de-clutter your current counter space so you’re left only with the items that you need to complete your transactions, such as a till and scanner. Once you’ve done this, the wasted space will be clear for all to see, and you’ll be able to seek out a smaller counter to replace your current one.

Space can be of the essence when you own a small retail clothing store. If you make sure to maximise this space that’s at your disposal, you will be able to stock and display more items. This raises your chances of attracting more customers and ultimately boosting your profit. Just keep in mind the tips mentioned above to achieve this objective.


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