Four Surfaces That Are More Filthy Than You Ever Knew

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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

Coming into contact with invisible germs and other contaminants is a given in some areas, like using the bathroom or touching public hand railings. However, some of the dirtiest surfaces we commonly touch every day are innocuous items that often get overlooked by the tidiest of us. In addition to microscopic germs some of which can cause disease, many of the things we handle every day are contaminated by a variety of substances, including illegal drugs!

Four Surfaces That Are More Filthy Than You Ever Knew 447x338

Dirty Money

American money is made with a special process and printed on ‘paper’ made from a blend of cotton and linen fibers. Many ‘paper’ currencies have more in common with fabric than they do with any traditional kind of wood pulp paper, and, like fabric, money is extra absorbent of anything that touches it. Money is handled, carried in wallets, passed around in restaurants and strip clubs alike. A study performed in 2008 showed that many bills from around the world, especially American currencies, held traces of illegal cocaine.

Computer Keyboards

While the average office toilet seat holds about 50 germs per square in, the average office keyboard holds about 4000. As a general rule, toilet seats get cleaned a lot more often than computer keyboards, making this commonly used public and personal item a hotbed of germs that are often allowed to accumulate over long periods of time without a regular wash. Wiping down your keyboard regularly can help prevent this, but many people remain oblivious to this consideration.


As an item that we handle every day in a wide variety of situations, our portable phones can get even filthier than our computer keyboards; about ten times filthier. Our modern love affair with technology often causes love-blindness when it comes to just how dirty our method of personal communication can get.

Rest Easy

Although most people regularly wash their bedding and keep it meticulously clean, a freshly washed pillowcase can still be a weak match for the invisibly tiny allergens such as fungi, dust mites and bacteria that can plague your pillows. Tiny flakes of shed skin and sweat residue are also a potentially inflammatory contaminant found on pillows.

Clean Up Your Act

Although hidden contaminants surround us from sometimes unexpected angles there are a lot of things you can do to fight back. Shopping for digital microscopes online is a fascinating and eye opening way to identify contaminants that you encounter daily, giving you a first line of defense in the fight against filth.

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