Four Villa Decorating Tips and Ideas

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If you’re thinking of purchasing your own villa by the coast, one of the things likely going through your mind is how you’ll decorate it when you do move. Regardless of whether your villa is in Sicily, Italy, or on the Spanish coast, you must make the most of the beautiful building in question by adding your own personal twist.

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Though there are, no doubt, certain areas of your villa that you’re going to want to concentrate on, below we have compiled four decorating tips and ideas that you may also want to look into to make the most of your new, beautiful home by the coast.

1) Take Advantage of Large Windows

Depending on the country in which it’s located, and indeed the style in which it’s been designed, your villa may have particularly small windows, or the opposite.

If you have the latter, you’ll want to make sure you make the most of them, as they can allow wonderful natural daylight into your villa, making it look brighter and more alive. There are many ways to make the most of your large villa windows, with the main one being to simply not block them, either with furniture or blinds. If you must dress them up, consider sheer curtains.

2) Allow Rugs to Cover Cool Flooring

The flooring of villas is traditionally either stone or tiles, as these often come as welcome relief from the heat of the day outside. If you’re looking online at Sicily villas for sale, you’ll notice that nearly all of them come with this type of flooring.

Though you’ll certainly not want to go overboard, covering every square inch of your villa floor, when you place a few warm rugs in key areas of your villa; such as the kitchen and lounge, you can give your feet warm relief from the coolness below.

3) Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen

When decorating your new villa you’re going to have to pay special attention to the kitchen for several reasons, most notably if:

  • You’ll likely spend much of your day in the kitchen, especially if you’re fond of cooking seafood, which is incredibly fresh in coastal towns
  • You’re interested in hosting dinners with friends and family so you’ll spend much of your time together in the kitchen talking
  • You plan on selling your villa in the future and want to make sure that a good-looking kitchen will help you in selling it off

4) Don’t Forget Your Garden or Terrace

When you move into your new villa and start decorating each room, don’t forget to decorate your garden or terrace. If you’re going to be living in a particularly warm part of the world, such as Sicily, you’ll no doubt want to spend much of your time outside soaking in the rays.

Choose an appropriate furniture style for your porch or deck. You can opt for Italianate with a delicate look that incorporates painted furniture with curlicue embellishments. There is also the Mediterranean style with its heavy Spanish-looking pieces. A third option is the contemporary style with smooth leather sectionals, sleek shapes, and chrome legs.

Parting Thoughts

It will be exciting to move into your own villa as you will have a private place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In order for you to truly feel comfortable in your new property, consider adding your own personal touch to the design and décor. You can start with the four tips that were discussed above then do some more changes later on. Just remember to think things through before implementing anything as you won’t want to have any regrets.

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