Four Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

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The bathroom has pushed its way to the front of the style queue in recentyears, in both modern and period homes. Now we have styled our kitchens,living rooms and bedrooms, our attention is turning to how we can add classand luxury to our bathrooms.

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Hotel Chic

Hotel Chic is certainly a look that many aspire to. These days, this look ismore achievable than ever before. High-level industry design values havetransferred into the consumer retail market, making luxury and classaffordable. So how can you add a sense of luxury to your own bathroom?

Freestanding Baths

One of the increasingly popular choices are Better Bathrooms freestanding baths. These really do make a huge impact, making the bathroom an elegant and luxurious area you’ll want to spend time in. All freestanding baths offeredby good suppliers are built to last a lifetime and are bonded with cast resin stone for both a luxury feel and longevity in one package. Freestanding baths have a large water capacity, allowing you to sink into your own private pool. They come in a wide range of designs that can fit in with any house style.

Luxury Taps

To complement a freestanding bath, why not opt for freestanding taps? These are a relatively new-to-market design trend and they really add to thesense of luxury and space a freestanding bath creates in a bathroom. You can also opt for taps that have a more traditional Victorian feel by purchasing the ‘telephone’ style taps with mixer and hand held shower attachment.

Coordinate Accessories

To give a sense of luxury to any bathroom, choose accessories carefully tomatch and complement the look you are trying to achieve. Chrome is easy topolish to a shine in moments and can give a really luxurious feel to abathroom. Why not try the ultimate Hotel Chic accessory, namely the towel rail at the end of the bath, with soft fluffy towels ready and waiting?


Another luxury item for your bathroom is a heated towel rail. There are so many designs available and you’ll be able to find just the right look to matchyour bathroom style. Modern heated towel rails have really caught designers’imaginations and there are some stunning models available in stainless steel, designed to either stand out to achieve immediate impact or blend in to become a design element of the room, like a modern sculpture. Period towel rails have moved with the times too and are now available in a wide range of different designs.


Cluttered bathrooms are never luxury in feel, which is why it is important tothink about storage when designing a bathroom. Look at built-in units andmedicine cabinets to hide your lotions and potions, unless they’re in very pretty bottles, of course. Hidden lighting in cabinets and cupboards adds a sense of luxury to a room, but do keep the mirrored surfaces clean to maintain the look. One reason luxury bathrooms look so good is that they are cleaned every single day.

Sarah Lucas is a designer who keeps up to date with the latest bathroom trends. She often sources Better Bathrooms freestanding baths when advising clients looking for both modern and period style bathroom makeovers.

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