Four Ways to Cook Speedier Meals

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It is hard trying to find the right balance between cooking healthy meals and making something in a hurry. Chopping, peeling and dicing all takes time, and when your evenings are busy doing chores and taking care of the kids, it can be a difficult ask! I felt very much the same way last year, so I decided to try and find ways to cook speedier meals, without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients or resorting to ready meals. I’m conscious that ready meals often include quite a lot of salt, so would prefer to pick my own ingredients. So here is what I did in order to cook some quicker meals for my family…

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Prepare and freeze
The first option is to cook something on the weekend when you have a bit more time. You can then freeze these meals and simply heat them up during the week as you need them. Good options here include stews, soups and pies. If you don’t want to prepare the whole meal on the weekend, you could simply bag up portions of meat and then freeze these; all you need to do is defrost them as you need them. We often buy large packs of chicken or pork, and then put these in special freezer bags with the date written on them.

Find faster ways to chop
As vegetables can often be the thing that slows you down in the kitchen, why not buy an appliance that can help you to do the job faster. I rely on my Kitchenaid food processor to do a lot of the chopping and blending for me, and it really frees up precious minutes of my evening. There are vegetable choppers at all different price range, some of which are manual and some that are electric.

Use your microwave
Whilst I would generally use the oven on the weekend, I find that cutting a few corners with the microwave can be very helpful in the week. This allows me to cook things like jacket potatoes or heat up leftover that are in the fridge. My kids especially like to heat up leftover lasagne in the microwave before they attend sports clubs in the evening.

Buy pre-prepared vegetables
If you just don’t have any vegetable preparation time at all, you could choose to buy pre-prepared vegetables. The benefits of this is that they are already chopped and washed, which is convenient if you want to bung them in the microwave or drop them into a pan of boiling water. It’s worth noting that the expiry date on these vegetable packs may be shorter than buying them fresh, but it is a good choice if you are time poor.

About the author
Georgia Trawley is a mum of two from the UK. Her favourite kitchen appliances are her cream food processor and bread maker. She often has to cook meals within 30 minutes on a weeknight so loves finding solutions to cook quicker meals.

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