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Whether you are involved in a school, a hospital, or any type of community outreach program, you are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of others. This is especially a pressing need in areas that are disadvantaged. Bringing the gift of the arts into the community can truly make a difference. Click here to learn how the Sing for Hope organization is connecting volunteers with people in need of a bright spot in their lives.


It is all about sharing the arts with as many individuals as possible with an understanding that not everyone has the opportunity to experience the arts first hand. With Sing for Hope, a host of volunteers share their talents, from dance to singing, musical instruments, and art. They carry the spark of creativity and pass it on to others because the arts are meant to be given away.

Combining the Pleasure of Creativity and Giving

Sing for Hope makes magic happen every time that volunteer members are involved in an outreach program. Smiles travel from audience member to audience member. People laugh, talk, light up, and move to the music. They become involved. For many, it’s as if they become alive. Sing for Hope travels to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, churches, and more. Wherever there is an area of need, volunteers are dedicated to exposing audiences to the arts in a variety of forms.

Created by Artists and Supported by Artists

Sing for Hope was created by two performing artists, Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus. After meeting at Juilliard, these women went on to become accomplished sopranos, and still perform today. Their lives were greatly enriched by their experiences in opera, so much so that they chose to give back to their communities by becoming volunteers. With a board of trustees that includes musical greats such as Andrea Bocelli and Placido Domingo, Sing for Hope is in the best of hands.

Every member, from the staff to volunteer performers and the board, are committed to spreading the arts throughout New York City. They change lives through their efforts. Every time that these volunteers give their time, they allow those in attendance to experience something beautiful. It is a worthwhile effort to become a volunteer, make a donation, or bring Sing for Hope to those who need it most. Hearts are lifted through the arts.

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