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Seeking an improved appearance for your property needn’t involve major disruptions and extensive building projects. In fact, there are many ways in which you can enhance both your interiors and exteriors without having to spend much time and effort at all! Here, we will offer five suggestions for those seeking a brand new living environment without the fuss and hassle of full-blown renovations.

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1) Add a Layer of Paint

If your home is looking tired and dreary on the outside and inside, one of the best ways to improve its look is to simply apply a new coat of paint. Stick with neutral colours for the walls and roof so that you don’t overload your senses. If you wish to add some colour, you can paint the following with vibrant hues:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Gutters
  • Drainpipes

Basically any small fixtures can be painted whatever colour you choose. Just make sure it isn’t too unusual as you may have trouble finding a buyer later on when you sell your home!

2) Add House Plants

Everyone loves a splash of green in the home so why not place some small shrubs and flowers in your living areas? While your garden should already have plenty of plants, you can place some flora strategically around your household interiors to help distract from any plain, boring surroundings that you have. Plant some ivy outside your home to add colour to your wall and hang some vibrant window boxes full of flowers from your window sills. You’ll feel much better as a result of all this nature!

3) Consider Sliding Doors

The entrances found in your home play a large part in the appearance. After all, it is here where you and your guests will get your first impressions of the household. One way to improve your home that is surprisingly simple to do is to install some modern sliding doors in the front and back of your household. These can be made from glass to let some extra light into your home and can come with timber or metal frames.

Some companies can even custom-make these fixtures especially for your home. For instance, firms like Kloeber UK Ltd sell high performance sliding doors suitable for almost any household in the country. As well as award-winning designs and durable construction, you will get a space-saving alternative that makes it easy for you to enter and exit the building without having to make room for a swinging door.

4) Give Your Interiors a Clean

Another simple technique for making any home look great is hiring someone to clean it in a thorough manner. Dirty interiors and exteriors can become depressing especially if the build-up of dirt and grime is excessive. While you may be able to tidy things on the surface, we recommend you hire someone to do the following:

  • Steam clean the carpets
  • Wash curtains & upholstery
  • Scrub bathroom walls
  • Pressure wash the outside

All of these tasks should be done using specialised equipment that only certain firms own. Essential improvements like cleaning will create a refreshed property so that you, your family and your guests can enjoy yourself without being distracted by unwanted dust, dirt and stains.

5) Install New Lighting

Our last easy technique for a better household is to brighten the interiors up a little. Simply purchase some designer lamps and light fittings and place them in the right areas around the home. You won’t even have to pay for someone to come over and install these furnishings. Instead you can simply put them on tabletops in your lounge and bedroom, shedding illumination on your interiors and banishing those shadows from your home! This will create a more positive living environment that can boost your mood and make your day a whole lot happier.

These easy tips are a great way for you to improve your home without having to conduct any major building projects or renovations. Creating a better household setting needn’t involve month-long disruptions as you try and fit in the construction crew. Instead, simply take the above advice and enhance your home without all of that stress and hassle. You will thank yourself for taking these first steps after your interiors and exterior have been upgraded!

About the Author : Sonia writes for Kloeber UK Ltd, an award-winning manufacturer and supplier in England of aluminium, high quality timber, and bespoke glazing solutions for blinds, windows, sliding doors and roof lights.

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