Good Oral Hygeine For Your Child

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The early you could inculcate healthy habits the better it is for a child. Good oral care routine is one such healthy habit which is very important for parents to teach their children. A tooth is viable to be affected by tooth decay if it is not properly taken care of from the day it first appears. Experts believe that the fewer teeth in a baby of six to seven months should be cleaned off properly after having milk as this may also lead to tooth decay. You cannot insist a child to go for a strict dental care, but as parents it is important to follow some simple practices to ensure proper oral hygiene for their child.

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What Does it Mean By Good Oral Hygiene?

A good oral hygiene includes taking care of the teeth and going for measure that inhibits all oral problems. For this certain routine need to be followed on an every day basis.

  • Make sure that your oral hygiene routine should be followed strictly at least once every day and especially after each meal.
  • Brush the teeth thoroughly without any interruption for two minutes. Make sure that the brush is small enough so that it can reach out to all the corners of the teeth. It should also be soft enough so that while brushing, the gums do not get scratched by the bristles. Make sure that the brush is replaced every 3 months. If your child does not want to go for extensive brushing then the electronic tooth brushes are a good alternative.
  • The choice of toothpaste for children should definitely be fluoride toothpaste.
  • Flossing is a difficult task for kids to do on a daily basis. But the complete oral care is incomplete without it. Most of the time food gets accumulate within two teeth and it is only flossing that can take them out. Make sure that if your child is unable to do it you help him do it regularly at least once before resuming to bed.
  • The use of mouthwash for kids is also equally important because the children are involved into more junk foods and especially sweet candies that are the breeding ground for bacteria that can also cause bad breath problems. The child should at least use an antiseptic mouthwash after every meal because it kills bacteria that cause gum problems and tooth decay as well.
  • If the child is too stubborn to go for proper oral routine, then you can give him or her sugar free chewing gum, though regular use of these are not much recommended for children by most dentists. Make sure that your oral hygiene routine should be followed strictly at least once every day and especially after each meal.

According to Dr Thomas Hall, the tips for child dental care include no strict regime but flossing is very important. Moreover every year one should go for a pediatric dentist to check for any bacteria development in the gums.

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