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Out of many specific design approaches related to bringing diversity and attractiveness to the living space, eclecticism, thanks to its extravagant solutions and ideas, stands out as highly desired inspiration for space arrangements. Since the application of eclectic methods for living room design includes looking things from different perspectives along with implementing combinations of contrastive ideas that bring cohesive appearance, arranging living room in the line with eclectic approach results in vibrancy and non-monotonic atmosphere. Therefore, if you want to bring eclectic spirit within your living room, forget about rigorous ordering and strict pairing, and check out some interesting ideas to help you make your living space look multifarious:

Contrust living room

Refresh your living room with contrasts             

The whole idea of achieving eclectic appearance should rely on diversity, meaning that entering contrasts into your living space should be related to anything, from colours and patterns to specific shapes and decoration styles. Bearing that in mind, you can mix whole-coloured black sofa with white coffee table and armchair, where it would be great to have white walls decorated with abstract asymmetrical paintings. Also, vintage style ornamented wall mirrors should be combined with modern table or cabinet with sharp edges. When it comes to patterns, feel free to include smooth surfaces along with carved sections, so you can, for instance, have rattan and classic furniture within the same room.

Include base theme

If you start to think about creating your eclectic interior as drawing a vivid paint, than you’ll find out that establishing a base theme plays great part in reaching the final look. This specifically refers to colours, since it is the easiest way to wrap the space into one entirety. You shouldn’t make too unified appearance, so it’s best to use different nuances within the same colour scale, or if you like to keep walls and furniture in black-white spectra, upgrade the space with multicoloured details.

A Living room

Consider material’s mixtures

Although, at first sight this may look like cluttering the space, as long as you mix complementary materials within your living room, you can expect them to make excellent contribution to overall eclectic spirit you want to create. If you have stone based fireplace within the room, entering leather furniture set, along with floor wainscots and timber ceiling parts, can be of great impact to eclectic scenery you imagined. To avoid monotonous perspective, try to make multiplicity by pairing light and dark wooden pieces, install appropriate lightning and choose warmer stone shades.

Create connections

After you played with diversity in various forms, it’s important to have some sort of final touch that will bind multiple ideas into impressive space picture. While throw pillows based on interesting needlework, floral prints or linear patterns present great complement to similarly patterned curtains, tablecloth or unified couch design, rugs offer endless links with the rest of eclectic surrounding. Since you should stay away from putting large carpets in your living room, because it will shorten the space and bring chock-a-block ambient, amazingly shaped and colourful runner rug stays out as the best match to various shades you have within your living room. Depending on the combination of colours and shapes you already included in the space, you can choose rugs in traditional or avant-garde style – just make sure they have strong connection with other interior items.

Colorful living room

Blend the colours

Bringing your classic living room closer to eclectic oasis is certainly not possible without brave combinations of various colours. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to create circus atmosphere by scattering gaudy colours everywhere around, but to stick to merging complementary and opposite colours in the way they produce pleasant cohesion. You can retain neutral nuances of walls and some pieces of furniture, and then add vibrancy by entering red, orange, green or blue shades into cushions, coverings, wall paintings and decorative lamps and sculptures. What’s even more effective is contrasting blank walls with chairs and sofas in different tones, where you can use red and yellow nuances to break pastel wall shades. The final result shouldn’t show obvious relation between colours, but their secret complementarities, so don’t be afraid to combine green with blue, ochre, and orange or purple with yellow and green.

Even though eclectic room style seems hardly achievable and you may think it requires too much of effort and time, great creativity, endless ideas and useful guidelines are everything you need.


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