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If you’re looking to improve your family’s health in the warmer months, then now is time to start making careful tweaks and adjustments for the better. Often, the best and most long-lasting results come from a series of small and incremental changes, maintained over time – so focus on one thing at a time, rather than trying to revolutionise your diet, exercise and rest routine all at once! Food and nutrition in particular are great focal points for your family’s wellbeing, and it’s easy to make delicious, healthy and nutritious changes for the better.

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Feeding hungry children

If your kids are always hungry, then look at what they are eating and focus on protein and healthy fats. Carbohydrates provide necessary energy, but protein is the nutrient that allows bodies to grow and repair themselves. Often kids can end up permanently wired on sweet carbohydrates that never quite fill them up – whereas protein will provide that satiety factor. It works too for adults on a diet – compare the feeling of having a meal with low fat meat and plenty of vegetables, with some good fats such as nuts or olive oil, compared to the experience of eating a bowl of noodles or pasta – delicious at the time, but your tummy will be rumbling just a couple of hours later!

Good choices for hungry children include hard boiled eggs, home-made turkey burgers, sustaining one pot meals such as chilli con carne, or fun outdoor kebabs – try threading meat cubes and peppers, onions and courgettes onto kebab sticks and cooking over the BBQ. These are delicious, nutritious and low fat, and they are also great fun to prepare and serve with dips and perhaps a cous-cous or Greek salad. A quick and easy source of protein is liquid egg whites which you can use in a wide variety of recipes, both savoury and sweet. You can find liquid egg whites at Protein Foods Direct.

You can obtain economy with your meat purchases by buying in bulk. Also consider slow cooking less popular joints for delicious casseroles, and don’t forget how tasty and delicious chicken legs are when roasted and eaten al-fresco.

Fruit and vegetables

Your family needs to be eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day according to government guidelines. However, there are so many ways to prepare fruit and veg in a tasty and attractive way that kids love. Try fresh and crunchy side salads or strips of julienne vegetables served with a tasty dip. Add extra vegetables to pasta sources, casseroles and home-made pies and lasagnes. Try vegetable soups – sweet tomato and basil is always a favourite, and it is extremely easy and nutritious to make. Vegetables are also wonderful roasted and served with some feta or halloumi, and some rice, cous-cous or barley.

For fruit, have fun with berry based fruit salads in summer, served with a little yoghurt, cream or ice-cream for a treat, or whip up home-made milkshakes with ice-cold milk, a banana and some frozen berries – it tastes naughty, but these drinks are packed with nutrition and contain none of the additives and general nasties that a lot of commercial drinks will have. Get creative with nutritious, healthy and fun outdoor food, and you will see and feel the results for yourself.

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