Help Others with 6 Common Courtesy Practices While Driving

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While you can’t control those around you and force them to be courteous drivers, you can practice safe, courteous driving of your own. Being nice to someone else can cause a ripple effect that will cause other people to be nice too. A courteous driver does more than wave people in front of them in traffic or let cars into an intersection.

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Turn Signals

A courteous driver uses turn signals appropriately. Drivers should signal hundreds of feet before the turn or lane change. Quickly flipping on the turn signal seconds before making the turn doesn’t give other drivers a chance to react.

Braking Distance

When following behind traffic, give the car in front of you ample room. Drivers will want to have plenty of distance between their car and the car in front for braking. It’s not always possible to see into the distance to anticipate trouble. If the car in front brakes suddenly, it’s best to have the needed distance to avoid an accident. Old tires might not have a great grip on the roadway to avoid sliding. A store like will have tires with better tread for traction on the road.


The pedestrians have the right of way in a cross walk. Drivers shouldn’t stop on the cross walk because it blocks pedestrians from walking. If pedestrians are in the cross walk, slow to allow them to cross the street. Watch for pedestrians and bicycles darting into the street without warning. Drivers who keep their speed down have a better reaction time when they see pedestrians.


While driving, keep all distractions to a minimum. A courteous driver does not talk on their cell phone while behind the wheel. Don’t fiddle with the radio, text while driving or have animated conversations with passengers. Most accidents involve distracted people.


Use the horn sparingly. It’s not a way to yell and berate other drivers. It should only be used to alert another driver to avoid an accident or to get their attention and alert them to trouble. When everyone uses their horn to berate other drivers, the horn loses its effectiveness and accidents will happen.

Side Streets

When stopped at a light, allow room for entering traffic from side streets. Blocking a side street while sitting at a stop light is inconsiderate. Allow at least one car to enter into traffic before proceeding. Not only is it considerate, but it could result in a ticket if the police see the infraction.

It only takes a moment to be a courteous person, and it makes driving a little safer. If everyone took a moment to breathe while driving, there would be less road rage and fewer accidents.

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