Hiring the Best Legal Team for Dispute Resolution

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If you have a dispute that needs to be resolved, for example, a divorce, or a disagreement with a neighbour, you will no doubt be in search of the best legal team possible.

Best Legal Team

A dispute can arise for several different reasons between parties, and if it’s not possible for you to resolve this dispute between yourselves you may need outside assistance to intervene and make a decision as to who is in the right.

Dispute resolution can be achieved through several different methods, such as via law suit, mediation, arbitration, or in the case of children or financial matters, through Collaborative law.

Prior to any lawsuit being launched, the court will expect that mediation will have been explored first before the case comes up in court. This is to ensure that it can be seen that both parties have tried to reach resolution themselves, rather than simply settling a court imposed outcome.

Mediation is usually held without lawyers being present, it is just both parties in question and a mediator that attends these sessions. If a resolution cannot be agreed upon, it is at this stage that things can progress to the court system.

Arbitration is a process which can only be entered into upon agreement by both parties. The dispute is presented to the arbitrator (there can be more than one arbitrator), who then makes a decision as to which party is in the right. Arbitration is often chosen when it comes to disputes involving children, as it is confidential in nature, and the dispute does not have to go through the courts. It is often a more desirable option also, as parties have the option of choosing their own arbitrator (upon agreement), and also is a neutral process, meaning that upon agreement parties can choose the venue themselves, ensuring there is no “home field” advantage for either party.

Collaborative law is a process that enables couples who have decided to separate to come to a settlement that meets the needs of both parties. This is done in conjunction with their lawyers and / or other professionals (in the case of children). This kind of dispute resolution is often sought out in place of a court case, in order to avoid the uncertainty of a law suit.  This process must first be agreed upon by both parties involved, and they are usually required to sign a contract binding them to the process. This contract will often have a clause whereby the parties’ lawyer will not be able to represent the client in any future related cases. This is a relatively new kind of process relating to dispute resolution, and rose to prominence in the 1980s.

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