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Getting your home insured, though most mortgage lenders make this compulsory is very important not only for the protection of your most important asset, but for your peace of mind as well. Disasters like flood or wild fire can happen anytime and if you still have some outstanding mortgage, you will have no means to repay it back.

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Household insurance comes in two types that include building and contents. Building insurance is the one required by most mortgage lenders, while content insurance is not compulsory though you may apply for it if you have some valuable properties in your home. These can be purchased individually or you can combine them to get an overall discount.

Building includes everything from fixtures to fitting, while contents is a protection against fire, loss, or damage of expensive audio equipment system, entertainment system, paintings, antiques, jewelries, etc. If you have a valuable property that you need to take out of your home like laptop or an expensive watch that are more liable to damage or theft, you can also upgrade your policy to have these covered.

When looking for home insurance products, it is always best to shop around for one that offers the most competitive premium not only to find the best deals, but also for your peace of mind that you are getting what you specifically need.

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