House Hunt Like a Pro and Save Money! 4 Essential Tips

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Searching for the perfect house can be an enjoyable endeavor to go on. On the other hand, if you don’t plan ahead, finding your perfect place to live can quickly become a nightmare. Before you go house hunting, you need to make sure that you keep the following tips in mind.

House Hunt Like a Pro

1. Identify What You Want

It’s essential to know what you want in a future house—so you need to write down any preferences that you have, including everything from the number of bedrooms you want as well as any amenities, such as a swimming pool. To help make this process as simple as possible, list out your top five must-haves, and don’t veer from this list or you will end up hunting down a home that you won’t be satisfied with.

2. Jot Down What You Find

For every house that you look at, you will find each one has its own pros and cons. You need to write each of them down. In doing this, you can quickly narrow down the list of the potential homes that you might purchase. Make sure you jot down notes relating to the condition of each home, including its roof, landscaping, storage space and more. These will prove to be invaluable add-ons to you much later if you end up expanding your family. You will want to invest in good landscaping and other good-quality features so you don’t have to pay for them later on down the road.

3. Take Another Look

All homes that you are interested in should be looked at more than one time. In fact, over the period of a week or two, you should go look at the homes you are most interested in at least two to three times. In doing this, you can equally compare them as well as give yourself the opportunity to catch anything that you may have overlooked the times that you previously looked at them. You should also make sure that the homes you are interested in will be eligible for low mortage rates in the future. If they are, you can reap the benefits of that later in life. If you want a second opinion on the house you’re looking at, bring a second  (or third!) pair of eyes and get feedback from trusted friends and family. A great way to begin the house hunting process is to shop around for a good rate through

4. Bring a Tape Measure

If you have certain pieces of furniture and appliances that you want to use in your new home, you will need to make sure that the homes you are looking at will accommodate their measurements. To do this, you need to first measure your pieces, followed then by measuring spaces in the potential homes to ensure they will fit. In doing this, you will quickly find that many of the homes you are looking at will not meet your requirements; this will help to narrow down your list. If you absolutely love a home that won’t accommodate the measurements, you may want to consider purchasing new appliances and/or pieces of furniture. However, remember that any additional cost spent on furnishings will be less that you can spend on the house.

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