How Crystal Healing Works – A Complete Guide

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What is crystal healing?

Crystal Healing is a holistic therapy which utilises the power of crystals for helping create a perfect juxtaposition of health, balance and wholeness on differing levels of the body of the person receiving the healing. Rather than concentrating only on the physical symptoms of the patient, Crystal Healing analyses the overall symptoms and consequently charts out the treatment.

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How does crystal healing Work?

All around our body, we possess an eternal bio magnetic field which called our Aura. This invisible energy field is composed of several layers of subtle bodies, and these bodies further comprise of various energy systems. There is a complex level of interconnection amongst these energy systems which positively or negatively affect keep on affecting each other, and in totality relate to our physical body. As long as the energies that flow through our aura and perfectly balanced and clear, we experience total health and well being. The moment we start experiencing any kind of disruption, there is an immediate effect in these energy fields which may cause blockages or similar disturbances in the aura.  If not addressed within a short period, these aberrations lead to manifestation of physical illnesses or outward manifestation.

What is the crystal healing process?

A qualified and expert crystal healer will begin the healing process by carefully assessing the current state of the emotional, physical and aura levels of the person receiving the healing. After locating the disturbance, the healer will select the relevant crystals for effectively addressing the disruptions, and then place them on the body, or around it. After activating the crystals, the healer will begin channelling the universal energies into the aura energy field of the patient. After the first session, the healer will determine to what extent it has reduced the aural disturbances. Some aberrations are significantly deep rooted and will require multiple sessions for fully restoring the energy flow to its original level of clarity and balance.

Why are Crystals such powerful healing tools?

The orderly structure of crystals is what lends enormous power to them for absorbing, transmuting, balancing and shaping aural energy fields. Due to their intricate colour frequency and complex inner atomic structure, crystals possess a unique vibration which combines with the human aura for achieving holistic health. Proper balance can be restored in a disturbed aura of the patient’s energy field by gradually introducing the relevant crystals. Since crystals constitute a significant part of the human body, it is only natural that our bodies resonate exceptionally strongly with them.

The actual crystal healing method

After properly preparing the crystals with the right amount of spirituality, the healer will activate them for beginning the healing process. Any jewellery item that the patient wears will be removed, along with the footwear. Also, the healer will assess his own energy field for providing healing, before beginning the process. When the patient is totally relaxed, the healer will slowly begin placing the activated crystals on or around the body. A slight tingling sensation will probably be experienced, or sometimes nothing at all. The first level changes will occur at the metaphysical level and then gradually move into the physical self. At times, within three days of beginning the healing process, the disturbance my marginally intensify before the healing process begins. The healer then patiently explains what is to be done to tackle this development. After a couple of healing sessions, the patient will certainly experience significant change.
Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a blogger and writes for Prana Crystals, the on-line resource for crystal healing. You can interact with Tauseef Hussain on twitter @usef4u

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