How Powered/Electric Wheelchairs Help Elderly

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Electric wheelchairs offer you independence and adventure without needing assistance. You will gain a sense of freedom from electric powered wheelchairs that you may have been missing because of your mobility needs.


These wheelchairs are particularly suitable for those who do not perhaps have the body strength for a manual model. Electric models operate with the utmost ease.

The latest electric wheelchair models are incredibly reliable and durable. They offer you a comfortable, smooth ride, whether you need to manoeuvre around your house or journey outside.

Products can be equipped with many extra options, such as kerb climbers, and you can choose a lightweight wheelchair that is easily transported in your car wherever you go. You can opt for powered seat raise, power tilt and power recline, all of which give you various posture options to alleviate any pressure issues you may have with your disability.

There are different types of electric wheelchairs available to buy, from portable, outdoor, mid drive and rear drive. Wheelchairs are often referred to as being indoor or outdoor. Rear drive products are conventional and popular, and mid drive wheelchairs feature 6 wheels, offering the greatest manoeuvrability, particularly in smaller spaces.

Electric Wheelchair

The majority of electric wheelchairs operate on 12 volt Gel batteries and these are rechargeable. You can choose a wheelchair that has a travel range of up to 25 miles, depending on a number of different factors. A programme joystick which is mounted upon the chair’s armrest will regulate the speed and direction. Various models offer different options, such as input devices to help you if you cannot operate a manual joystick. This might be with a head-switch or joystick operated by your chin.

Electric wheelchair users who have suffered a head or spinal cord injury are also able to choose a ‘sip and puff’ feature, which operates by them blowing into different tubes near their mouths, to manage their chair functions separately. The wheelchair will respond to whichever tube has been blown into.

Electric wheelchairs are now highly sophisticated, offering a smooth, reliable ride, superior comfort and flexibility inside and out of the home. With the range of accessories and additional features available, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wheelchair for you to enjoy your new freedom with.

Active Mobility offers a wide range of electric wheelchairs to suit all your needs, and a quality service to all their customers.

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