How Technology Influences the Teacher-Student Bond

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Technology and development in general are quite relative terms. While we have dozens of kinds of gadgets at our disposal nowadays, in some parts of the world people still don’t have electricity. But the dominating trend is a powerful invasion of technological devices in every single area of our lives and every single part of the world. Although some schools in developing countries still use the abacus for the first mathematical steps, the whole world is or will be affected with technological innovations, which transforms our studying habits in many ways.

Tech learning

No more centralized teaching

Before the PC and the Internet became inevitable part of our everyday life, teachers were the center of the universe for elementary school students. They were the main source of information and the leading reference for further studying.

Today, however, the teacher is not such influential in terms of information, but he/she should still be the governing manager of studying. But they have to play their role in accordance with students’ needs and their preferences. Children will not listen to you only because you are a teacher. They expect that you trigger interest in them and, above all, show respect for their point of view. Only the teachers who understand that will earn respect from their students.

Peer-influenced studying

Since there is hardly a kid that doesn’t have a Facebook profile, they can and actually do use it for constructive things, as well. From sharing materials with their friends to forming groups with children from other schools, they create an intertwined network of online studying. It is a fantastic phenomenon, which enables students to get what they need for their school tasks in a short period of time. Also, specialized networks, like Edmodo, contribute to making the whole process of learning much easier.


Online studying hubs

As we have already said, web social groups can have a very important role for sharing your materials and discussing it with your friends. But in order to be able to show and share, you have to use online sources that will yield better results, studying-wise. Here is where teachers should be even more informed than children. If you give them online studying hubs, most of them will find their own way to use them for their personal improvement. For instance, students can start with Coursera and hundreds of free courses it offers. The point is that they find the learning place for improving their knowledge and dwell on that place, to keep seamless improvement pace.


Smartphones create smart kids

People who teach children (not only teachers; parents also matter) should never underestimate the power of smartphones. Kids are obsessed with them because they offer dynamic content and connect them with their friends. But smart people who deal with smartphones know that there are also many smart children out there, who want to use their phones for learning, as well. That is why today we have so many educational apps for all ages.

Innovations are here to make our existence easier. The children of today will be the carriers of our progress in years to come. Giving them a chance to use technology for studying as they are growing up will have a positive effect on society in general in the future, which is why the help of technology should be used for every educational purpose.

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