How to Choose a Fantastic Wedding Food Venue and Throw a Grand Party

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Keeping the task of choosing the wedding theme and dress aside, one of the most important things of planning a wedding is selecting the venue. It is quite hard to figure out where to start when it comes to planning for the special day; selecting the best wedding venue is the first, yet the most crucial step. Before checking out potential breaks, review the points given in this article to determine how you can make the day all the more exciting.

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A mesmerizing wedding celebration is the outcome of sensible planning, and at times, thinking out-of-the-box can help you save a lot of money. Some of the budget-friendly places, like private residences, beaches, or city parks can be considered, if you’ve necessary permits to celebrate your wedding in public area. You can find some of the finest, comfortable venues for planning wedding reception in an impeccable way. To select the perfect venue, you need a lot of patience for acquiring enough knowledge, and then using the same to your advantage. All the other wedding arrangements totally depend upon wedding venue and hence choosing the perfect venue is the most important part of the planning process.

Following are top five tips to consider while selecting wedding venues for a mesmerizing celebration –

  • Approach for Choosing the Location

Most couples want their wedding location to be very close to their residence as it would be easy for them and others to gain quick access on the big day. Some people prefer scenic area outside the town, while others want location to be near accommodation of their guests. Venues with historical significance have rich design elements and decoration that suits your personal style. Once you know what’s important, you’ll have an easier time perfecting in on the location you want to filter out for venues.

  • Guest Count

Most outdoor venues and indoor areas have a guest count limit; before visiting locations, it would be good to have an estimated guest count first. Many venues limit the number to 200 – 500 and extra entries can turn out to be quite costly, while over estimating the number of guests will again result in wastage of money.

  • Estimating the Budget

A venue can account for 25-percent of the total cost of the wedding; before you select the venue, make sure that it fits in your budget. Some venues offer lower minimums or discounted rate for different days of the week and weekend rates can be bit higher. If you want to save enough money on the venue, avoid peak season. Prefer single venue for reception and ceremony as it not only cuts down the travel expenses, but also payments for two different locations. Additionally, you may qualify for extra discounts for organizing two events.

  • Don’t Forget About the Weather

No matter when and where you are setting up a wedding, it is recommended to consider the weather. Planning ahead of weather conditions can be quite risky. In an outdoor venue, you must look for a great backup space in case it’s too cold, hot, or rainy. Before signing, check the venue’s policies regarding cancellations arising due to severe weather conditions.


  • Other Amenities

Although most offer the basic facilities and amenities that would be required during an affair, be sure to find out what exactly is being offered-things like handicap access, bridal or groom suites, catering areas, restroom facilities, parking, and electrical wiring options may vary from one venue to another. As a general rule of thumb, review the sample contract to avoid last moment surprises when you receive the final bill. Some organizers may charge extra money for parking, beverage & food minimums, not to mention hidden service charges and taxes.

So, keep all these 5 crucial aspects into consideration before choosing a wedding venue, and enjoy the celebrations without pinching your pockets.

Author Bio – John McCarthyis an event planner who runs his own firm that takes complete care of all the wedding arrangements ranging from wedding venues to catering, flower arrangements and more. He also provides free consultation to those who are unsure about planning a wedding party!

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