How to Choose from the Different Types of Burglar Alarms For Home Security?

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The use of burglar alarms in homes and offices have become quite widespread. Whether you live in a large city or a small town, it is important for you to be protected against intruders. Installing burglar alarm systems can be liberating in the sense that you would be rest assured that you are free from intrusion – whether you are at your own home or out vacationing in someone else’s home.


Different Types of Burglar Alarms

There are various types of burglar alarms that are available today and you can surely get one that meets your needs absolutely. There are simple as well as intricate alarm systems that you may choose from.

PIR, or PASSIVE Infrared – It is possibly the commonest and most economical alarm system for home security requirements. These are equipped with sensors which are connected to responsive equipment which detect motion and can spot when an alarm or a door or window has been tampered with. The costs tend to vary. The hardwired alarm systems cost less than the wireless varieties. The systems should be set up after carefully deciding the specific needs and area coverage of a home. There are of course alarm systems that work for multiple zones.

Intruder alarms – These work with a motion detector which picks up any unusual movements in a specified area. If a motion detector is set at the basement window and a burglar tries to break through the window, the alarm will be activated instantly and a loud sound would alert you or your neighbors when you are not at home. Even if there can be delay in taking action, the loud sound would scare off any intruder and your safety would be retained. It is a good idea to hire an expert technician with proper knowledge. He can provide you with advice about the most vulnerable spots in your home that require motion detectors.

Self-contained alarm system – It is a single unit that often looks like a PIR motion detector or a VCR. These alarms come with limited functionality and features but are portable. These are battery-powered systems and are ideal for use in outdoor environs such as in caravans, motor homes or vehicles.

When it comes to alarm systems, there are many choices and the ones mentioned above are only three major types sold in the market.

Choosing the Best Alarm System

In order to choose from the various types of alarm systems mentioned above, you have to do the following:

  1. You must evaluate the security requirements of your home at first.
  2. You have to identify the most vulnerable spots of your home and select the right systems to address potential issues that may occur.
  3. You have to also consider the specific features that you want in your system.
  4. The space and size of the rooms, where you want the alarm system to be set up, is also important. If you are in a rented apartment, you may have to go for a system that does not require damaging the walls.
  5. Last but not the least; you have to also take the budget under consideration. There are alarm systems in various price segments. Many basic alarm systems are modestly priced to be within the reach of many households. The cost of these types of equipment varies on the basis of the type of technology and the components that they come with. You have to select one that comes with all features you need and yet fit your budget properly.

If you do not have much requirement, it is useless to spend a lot of money on a high-end system. You can compare the cost of various burglar alarms and find one that meets your requirements and also fits your budget.

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