How to Clean the Interior of a Car without damaging it

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Cleaning the interior of a car is like paying back a debt to a friend– you can ignore it for a long time, but eventually you will have to do what’s right.

Car Inside

Of course, there are the general practices of taking out the coffee cups, beer cans, tissue papers,and cigarette butts. You may also have the good habit of vacuuming every once in a while, which is generally safe and easy to do. But even with a weekly cleaning routine, you will eventually have to clean the entire car interior thoroughly and in the right way.

However, improper cleaning practices and habits may damage your car upholstery – it may even be harmful to your health.With these concerns in mind, here is a simple, step-by-step cleaning routine that you should perform 1 to 2 times per month.

Getting Everything Ready

First things first; to maximize your efficiency, take out everything you’ll need for car detailing. It is highly undesirable to stop halfway through your cleaning just because you forgot a thing or two. Here is a checklist of the things you’ll probably need for a thorough clean and protection:

  • Vinyl/Leather cleaner and protect ant
  • Multi-purpose cleaner (for vinyl, fabric, and carpet)
  • Lint-free/Microfiber cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Car cleaning sponge
  • Q-tips
  • Vacuum cleaner

Be prepared to buy the things you currently don’t have in your garage. Keep in mind that you probably need multiple products for the specific material you’re cleaning. As a safety measure, use a Q-tip to test any cleaning product on a tiny and hidden part of any vinyl, fabric, or leather surface. DO NOT use a product in case discoloration occurs.

Remove Everything

To prepare your car for interior cleaning, the first step is always to remove the things you can remove by hand. This includes everything in the glove compartment, rear deck, door pockets,and the things tucked in the sun visor. Don’t forget to check under the seats. For the things you still need, place them in a single container.

Vacuum Everything

The next step is to vacuum every section of your car interior. Start around the pedals, seats, dashboard, door panels; everything. You should fold or slide the seats to clean hard-to-reach areas. Make sure your vacuum has the proper hose extensions.

Clean the Dashboard

After vacuuming, spray a tiny amount of the appropriate cleaner (vinyl or leather) to a paper towel and wipe the dashboard and console. Do not use a detergent on vinyl and plastic parts.Also pay attention to the levers and steering wheel. For tiny areas and crevices in the console, use a Q-tip. Finish with the appropriate protect ant and dry with microfiber towel.

Remove the Mats

Before you proceed with cleaning the carpets, you should remove your car mats first. To eliminate loose dirt, simply slam them several times somewhere safe. Vacuum them for any remaining dirt.For plastic car mats, you can easily clean them with a water hose.

Clean the Seats

For a complete clean, the seats should be cleaned first before the carpet. Just like the dashboard, you should use the appropriate cleaner and protect ant. For cloth seats, use a foaming or multi-purpose cleaner and wipe with a wet sponge. Dry with microfiber towel.

Clean the Carpets

Vacuum your carpets first and use a multi-purpose cleaner for spots and stains. You can hit the carpet with your palms to loosen any hardened dirt before vacuuming. Also keep an eye out for any unusual discoloration or odor in your carpet, as these may indicate mold growth.

According to companies like Electrodry carpet cleaning Melbourne, simply vacuuming your carpet will only remove up to 60% of the dirt. Furthermore, molds may contain mycotoxin, which is highly toxic to humans. To ensure that the mold is eliminated properly, consult a car detailing service or any company that offers complete carpet cleaning and insulation.

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