How to Find the Bag That Fits Your Body Type

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It is not enough to make sure that your bag color matches you shoes and your belt. A bag is an important accessory and it needs to match your body type, as well. Luckily, there is a wide range of different bags and different approaches in bag creation and styles means that you can really find the thing that you like if you really look hard enough. Naturally, there are specifies styles that better suit certain body types and here are some of the most popular and best combinations that you can encounter today.


Petite Women

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to get a bag that is too big for your stature. Petite women will often have a lot of trouble with large bags and in most cases the sheer size of the bag can easily suppress any sort of style that you have chosen. Choosing a smaller bag without too much details and without big straps that cover you too much is a good way to present your style and make it visible.

Curvy Women

Getting bigger bags that are specifically shaped to project precision and clear cut edges is an effective way to balance out and equalize your curves with your bag look. Bags that are too small or too undefined in shape generally become less visible and melt into the style look. Usage of accessories like shiny straps is also a great idea but if you like patterns and similar decorations, try to avoid small or overly detailed ones.

Tall Women

While tall women, especially slim ones, do have a great advantage in being able to carry any sort of bag that they want. Small bags can look too tiny if not paired correctly with your style. Midsize bags that have slim to short straps are a great choice for any tall woman and in particular those that are slim.

Matching the Hips

One of the issues that most stylists have to deal with is how to match ladies with wider hips with a specific style of handbags. If you have wide hips, using bags with short or extra short straps, as well as making sure that your straps are expressive and interesting, is a good way to achieve a great look. You might want to avoid big bags as they can look bulky and cloud your style as well as make it difficult to balance out other elements with it. Small to mid-size bags with short straps are a great way to balance out the look.

Top Heavy Choices

One of the main things that you will try to achieve with your bag choice is to distract from the things you want to remain hidden and focus people on your overall look. This is why shoulder bags and big bags with interesting straps are a great choice for any top heavy look and for the ladies that are particularly curvy.

Style Friendly Choices

There are certain choices that can seemingly match most body types and still allow you to get away with any sort of style that you choose to wear. Different bags like cigar box, pouch or clutches can be easily integrated into a wide range of different styles and in most cases can be worn with any sort of body that you have. While it is often smart of match the accessories on it to your style and overall body type, most of these bags will work just right and allow you to really look great while at the same time elevate your look to a whole new level.

Different styles and the wide range of different choices that are available today, mean that you can really choose anything you like and mix up various items until you find the perfect combination. While different styles and a variety of approaches mean that there are some guidelines that you can choose, following your creativity is by far the most important factor. The different combinations are there solely to match your taste and this is something that you should focus on. Keeping your style close to your body shape will allow you to really create something that really feels good to wear and looks amazing.

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