How to Get Exhausted Brain Back on the Tracks of Efficiency

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We do physical workout to increase the muscle mass, wash and take care of our body to stay healthy and do many other routines to improve the quality of our life. However, we often tend to neglect the importance of mental hygiene. The brain is the supreme commander and if it is in good shape, all other divisions of your body will be more functional. Let’s check some great habits that will keep your brain fresh and active.


Fresh air sessions

Brain needs oxygen to work in a more efficient way. Today we spend so much time in closed spaces, where the air is usually sultry and can even cause a headache. The brain needs regular doses of fresh air. Although the air in urban areas, where offices are usually placed, doesn’t have the vigor that the mind likes, it is still better than leaving the work space constantly closed. If you notice that your work productivity is becoming lower, open the windows or leave the work and go out for a walk. It will help you regain the vitality necessary for better productivity.

Give it a rest

Occupied with business tasks and bombed by deadlines, modern workers very often follow the (wrong) pattern of having as less sleep as possible. Our organism needs a rest, in order to recuperate and prepare for new challenges. If you keep forcing both the mind and the body beyond their limits, you will have worse results at work and maybe even come down with an illness. According to this study, there is a strong bond between sleeping and work performance. Lack of sleep affects us in an extremely harmful way. So, if you don’t want to listen to us, listen to them. They must know something; they are scientists, after all.

Make your own associations

No matter whether you are at school or you already work, you need to get to know your brain in order to enhance its functions. Some people study easily when they read books or watch educational programs, while some others memorize information better when they hear it. On the third hand, many learners like being on the move when they are supposed to learn something. The key element of perfecting the performance of your brain is creating your own style of learning and your own associations. Of course, when it comes to traditional studying, taking school or uni notes is a must-do for time-saving and easy-memorizing learning.


Read and move

First of all, these two actions should not be done at the same time (perhaps only on an underground train). But it is true that regular reading and everyday walking or bike riding can reinforce the power of your brain. Physical activity and brain efficiency have an inseparable bond, since the first improves the cognitive processes in our brain. When you boost the chemical reactions in the brain, which happens when you work out, its usability and functionality become much higher.

Reading, on the other thing, is the best known way of keeping your mind in shape. Creating images from words that you read is an extremely mind-inspiring activity. But try to save your brain from daily papers. Read classic novels, poetry, encyclopedia and specialized magazines. The content written in those writings relaxes the mind. Also, it can help us escape from the trash that is being emitted from the pages of (the majority of) daily papers.

Our brain is like a fruitful but extremely sensitive plant. If you nourish it and feed it with what it needs, it will serve you for a long period of time and produce great yields. So, relax your brain, feed it with enough sleep and take care of your mental hygiene to live long and work efficiently at a high quality of living.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to Bizzmark Blog.

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