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If you decide to hold an event there are a number of different points that you will have to take into consideration. At the end of the day there is plenty of planning which goes into an event. In this way if you want to ensure that yours is unforgettable and not short lived there are a wide variety of things you can do as part of your specific event. In addition to this, you have to give it careful thought as you are entertaining a larger audience so have to do something tasteful. Check out below some of the most unforgettable things you can do to make sure your event goes with a bang.

formal dinner party


A small box of chocolates for every guest will certainly go a long way. Whether it is a small dinner party or a wedding having a small treat such as this ensures your guests will leave with a smile. In addition to this it will provide;

  • A nice touch for all your guests.
  • Something to round off the night with.
  • A token gesture which will no doubt spark potential debate.


If you want to splash out on luxury toiletries, this could be another great idea for guests at your particular event. It means they will not only have something to take home but will be a nice reminder of the evening. You can have the chance to organise a few innovative ideas such as;

  • Splitting male as well as female toiletries in a nice gift pack.
  • Providing small toiletry sets for each guest accordingly.
  • Bubble bath or small perfume sets for males not to mention females.

Photo booths

One of the most novel ways to give guests something to remember is largely in part thanks to photo booths. They create the perfect ambiance whilst at the same time giving you images of the night which is especially memorable. Companies including JustPose offer a wide variety of photo booth solutions and there are some who give out silly costumes and disguises so you can dress up.


If you have the budget, then why not look into investing in some fireworks in your back garden. Not only will it create the perfect atmosphere for after dinner but it will certainly be a hot topic of conversation among your guests. Meanwhile, there are plenty of options to buy fireworks including;

  • Online.
  • From a specialist supplier.
  • From a store.
  • Hiring an expert to install a display according to the size of your garden.


Another way in which you can impress your guests is through entertainment. This can be done in a host of ways but to very effective results. You can have the ability to select from a wealth of entertainers such as;

  • Clowns.
  • Belly dancers.
  • Fire eaters.
  • Jugglers.

Burlesque dancers

Considered to be one of the most popular ways to create the right impression, having burlesque dancers entertain your guests is a wonderful idea. They can create a powerful as well as dramatic routine whilst creating a genuine stir among your guests. Some of the benefits of having burlesque dancers include;

  • Establishing a powerful impact.
  • Creating a hot topic of conversation among your guests.
  • Giving your guests something to remember.


If you want to have an unforgettable event then you can always hire a singer to do a set. You can use them as a special guest during your event, hire a band or even bring in an opera singer. By having a singer as part of your special event it will make sure;

  • They are able to create the right ambiance among your guests.
  • You have that extra special touch.
  • Your guests are talking about your event for weeks ahead.

Party favours

For that extra special touch you can look at investing in party favours for your guests. Usually given at the end of the evening, this small gift is given as kind gesture for your guests attending the event. Some of the mementos you could give away include small sweets, tea lights and personalised key chains.

There are many ways you can ensure your guests enjoy a special event. By following some of these tips, you can guarantee your event is a successful one.

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JustPose! Is a company in the UK whose objective is to help enhance any sort of special occasion with their range of personal image party booths. More information on their services can be found on just-pose.

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