How to identify an awaiting layoff and tips for handling it well

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The economy has a lot of control over a company’s fate. After all recessions are not fictional and most of us have seen its impact on those around us and some have even experienced them first hand. It gets the best of even the most financially stable businesses. As a result, people are laid off. However, this is just one scenario. Another scenario is where the profit margins of a business start to decline or goes into negative. This also many times led to people being laid off. Laying people off is usually the last resort a company has to adopt, but that doesn’t make it easy for the ones at the receiving end, for they just lost their jobs.

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Layoffs are often obvious

Usually people can sense whether or not layoffs are coming their way. While some companies communicate to their staff about its dire financial situation, but there are many companies which choose to keep their staff in the dark. Even if we take the second scenario, there are signs that may clearly indicate you about what’s coming your way. Some of the signs can be:

  • Increased emphasis on cost cutting measure being adopted by one’s manager
  • The hiring of any new resources stops completely
  • Frequent closed door meetings
  • Excluding people from meetings which they earlier used to be a part of
  • Certain positions or departments being declared as non-revenue generating
  • Increased manager interest in a project status or increased questions about the planned approach to complete them

Still, it comes as a shock

Even when it’s evident that a layoff is round the corner, it can still knock the wind out you when you do get the pink slip. It is but natural to feel shocked and a sense of loss may take over. What will follow next is a number of feelings that will try to overwhelm and get the better of you. But the one most important thing you need to understand in such as situation is –

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Though layoffs may not be in your control but how you handle one, totally is!

It is not expected from anyone to take the news positively. No, that is not possible. It is not fair and asking too much of the one being laid off. But here are a few helpful tips you can follow to sail through the tough times that may be ahead of you:

  1. Layoffs are tough on people. What worsens the situation further for them is reacting too quickly to the news, which mostly results in you saying mean things to your boss and shutting the door on his/her face. Politely ask your boss to allow you some time to process the information that has just been given to you.
  2. Utilize this time to recognize your emotions and cool down yourself. By all means stay professional with your superiors. You do need them as a reference for the next job that you will be landing. And believe me, you will land it soon. 
  3. Check with your superior whether you can resign instead. This will save you from the many judgmental questions at the job interviews that are waiting for you.
  4. Pay attention to the instructions given out to you about the whole procedure. Especially, regarding the pay that will be given out to you as a result of this unexpected action taken by the company.
  5. Take some time off for yourself. You have just been laid off and it is traumatic. It is better to get over the various negative emotions that are bound to creep in rather than jumping into the process of finding a new job right away.
  6. But don’t let these emotions over power you. Instead, try taking your mind off. Do what makes you happy. Take up a hobby or do things which you were not able to do when you were busy with your job.
  7. Take it as a temporary setback. Don’t lose hope and believe that there are better times ahead for you. You will start feeling good about yourself.
  8. Now that you feel better pull up your socks, update your resume and start searching for your next dream job.

Always remember to keep looking forward and take appropriate actions at the right time. If you do so, then there is nothing that will come in the way to your success. On that note, here’s to a great career ahead!


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