How To Keep Your Kids Motivated In Brushing Their Teeth

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Good oral health habits start early in life, and it is up to parents to teach children to brush regularly. Since kids often balk at things they do not want to do, like taking baths or picking up toys, making brushing teeth fun can help with the process. The tips outlined below can help.

Kids Brushing Teeth

Let the Child Choose the Toothbrush

There are many toothbrushes that are geared toward children. Many feature themes from popular cartoons or movies and come in bright colors. The brush should contain soft bristles and should be the right size for the child’s age. Letting a child choose a toothbrush allows him to feel in control of his oral care while having something of his very own.

Use a Child-Geared Toothpaste

Adult toothpastes often contain flavors that do not appeal to kids. A child will be more inclined to brush if he can use a child’s toothpaste that tastes good and has some visual appeal, such as sparkles. While it is beneficial to allow a child to pick out his own toothpaste, Drake Dentistry reminds parents to ensure the product is approved by the American Dental Association.

Brush as a Family

Children love to imitate what parents do, so making oral health a family activity will help kids want to brush their teeth. Parents can use this time to see exactly how a child is brushing and to make any corrections to a brushing technique, such as cleaning the molars in the back of the mouth. Kids should brush once each day under supervision until they are mature enough to do it by themselves.

Use Music

Any repetitive activity will seem to go faster with music. Parents can play or simply hum a song the child likes until brushing time is over. Since the recommended brushing time is two minutes, which can seem like a very long time to a small child, finding a song of this length or a bit longer is best. This will help a child to understand the importance of brushing time while making it fun and something he can look forward to.

Teeth and gums play a vital role in a person’s overall health, and learning proper brushing habits should start early on. Letting children be proactive in their oral hygiene will go a long way toward establishing positive care patterns for a lifetime.

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