How to Make Coolsculpting Procedure Recovery Easier

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Coolsculpting is a serious surgical procedure, there is no question about it, and as with any other invasive procedure recovery needs to be takes seriously as well. The procedure itself consists of removing extra fat and skin and at the same time tightening muscles of abdominal area with the aim of making it flat. Since it covers a great area of your body, and the one that you cannot help using throughout the recovery period any beneficial advice on how to make it easier should be taken into consideration. Here is a set of prepositions to make the recovery as easy as possible and most successful.

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Patience, consistency, determination

Arm yourself with these character features and arms yourself well. Do not expect and overnight recovery, it will take time. How long will it in fact take depends on how invasive the procedure was, your general physical and mental fitness and how consistently you follow the proposed recovery procedure. Determination is behind all of it, it is solely up to you, no one can do it instead.

Doctor above all

You need to strictly follow your doctor’s prescriptions and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, no matter how trivial they may seem. You may have drains at the incision to clean the wound for up to ten days after the surgery, so if anything suspicious happens, call your doctor immediately. In fact, your doctor is your best friends now, especially during the initial recovery period, so ask away.

Initial period

You will be swollen and bruised and the pain you are feeling is perfectly normal. Taking prescribed pain killers is also normal since abdominal area is a muscle area that is practically included in every move you make. The painkillers will tuck the pain but be especially careful not to overuse your abdominal muscles in the beginning. Rest and relax as much as possible, without any sudden moves and even remotely strenuous work. Also, your stomach may feel numb for the first couple of day, or even a whole year, again depending of the size of the incision and the area covered with abdominoplasty. This is also perfectly normal since a lot of small nerves have been cut during the surgery. You will be taking antibiotics to prevent infections. By all means take the whole prescription; this is the only way to be positive of the final results. Also, sleep as much as you can and with your shoulders and head elevated by soft pillows for the first one or two weeks, or as long as prescribed. This will take the pressure of your abdominal area and help you regenerate faster.

Use abdominal support

Various abdominal supports, in the likes of binders or garments, for example, are often necessary and always recommended to easy your recovery. They will slightly compress your abdomen and make swelling control easier. Both garments and binders come in various sizes and they need to feet perfectly, not too tight and not loose. Also, have at least two pieces, you will frequently have to wash them and it is important that you wear one at all times.

Scar treatment

Scars are inevitable when it comes to any type of surgery. Luckily, there are means of reducing them. Using silicon sheets and injections, as well as numerous creams and lotions available are the most successful means of minimizing scars. However, just like with anything else that you want to do during recovery period, consult your doctor first.


Eat light and more frequently, especially in the beginning, but by all means do not starve, you need a lot of energy during the whole recovery period. Of course, always remember the reasons why you opted for coolsculpting procedure in the first place and maintain the balanced diet beyond your recovery.


You need to be active as soon as you get out of bed. However, forget about any strenuous exercise for at least six weeks. Still, whenever you feel ready, start taking walks. Your muscles will surely appreciate it after so much rest and lying down. Slowly increase the walking distances and tempo and enjoy the fresh air.

To sum up, take your recovery very seriously and do not do anything without asking your doctor first. Be patient and consistent in everything you do and it will pass easier and faster, with your new body, beautiful and healthy.

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