How to not be a crammer and still ace the grades

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A student’s life is miserable and really, years passes and yet the state of the life of a student doesn’t change to a considerable amount. We get admitted to schools and then find ourselves promoted to colleges, which we often find difficult to find, but somehow get in them and then really life gains the shape of something a lot more intriguing. At college, it’s not the same and you have to learn new ways of getting things done or you end up being outdone by the things.


There are so many drastic changes that a person experiences once they get into college; so many more subjects with a lot lesser time to study; so many more hours of classes to attend and a lot lesser energy to do that, so far away from your parents and all the fun you had at your home and so much to loathe and hate about the college hostel. In short, you have to turn your life upside down in the effort of making your stay in college a pleasant one. You have to change your normal recitation methods and you have to change the way you prepare for tests because it’s no longer the “Where did Mary go to get her hair cut” question that you get in your exam.

A lot of people resort to cramming everything in trying to make their exams end up getting graded the best. Often a lot of crammers do end up being the best students in the class, but that’s not inevitable. Also, cramming wastes up a lot of your energy and you only end up learning the things and concepts by heart and not actually getting a grip of the real course objective. Let’s today tell the readers how to not cram and still be able to be among the best students of the class. These few tips will prove helpful:

  1. Attend all the classes:

As hard as it may seem, a lot of successful students have reported that their main reason of qualifying over the rest is the fact that they never miss their lectures. If you make a habit of never missing class, you will rock.

  1. Never be late:

Another thing to note here is punctuality. Along with being regular you need to be very punctual. IF you reach late in your class you are bound to miss some important portion of the subject and will end up not being able to understand anything.

  1. Take notes:

Another important and useful thing to do is to take notes constantly. The more you note things down, the more liable you are of learning them by heart. This is an excellent habit because when you do something, you never forget it.

  1. Don’t cram:

Finally, just don’t make it a habit to cram. You won’t cram anything or won’t have to, if you do the preceding 3 things and it’s highly inevitable that your conceptual recitation and learning will make you shine.


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