How to Reduce Pet Odours in Your Home

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Britain is and has always been a nation of animal lovers. In fact, research confirms that people who own a pet class themselves as far happier and more contented than those who do not have pets. Recent statistics show that almost half of all the households in the United Kingdom own and care for at least one pet, which is a staggering 13 million households of animal lovers. There are around 8 million cats in the country and 8 million dogs.

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As much as they bring happiness and joy to their owners, they are historically outdoor creatures. If you are providing them with a good balanced lifestyle, you will be ensuring that they spend plenty of time outside exercising and playing and enjoying all the other activities that dogs and cats like. With this comes the need for good hygiene and cleanliness routines, not just for your pets, but for yourself to.

Eliminating Bacteria and Odours

Firstly, it is important that you regularly wash your hands after contact with your pet. Whether you have been handling or petting your beloved dog or cat or preparing their food, it is vital that you spend a moment removing any bacteria from your hands. This is also the case when you have been in contact with their food or water bowls, preparing their meals, or cleaning out a dirty litter tray.

If your animal likes to play with toys, it’s a good idea to get into the routine of washing them regularly and discarding any old toys that could be harbouring many germs.

With regards to your work surfaces you should try to use an animal-friendly disinfectant. These are safe to use in areas where your family’s food is prepared, as well as pet food. They can also be used on floors where your pet likes to lie to keep them fresh. They are also perfectly safe to use on their toys too, providing they are rinsed immediately in water. It is not advisable to allow pets on your work surfaces but if this should happen then spray the area with disinfectant to ensure you have removed any bacteria.

Waste Removal

Removing animal waste is never an enjoyable experience as it can emit very strong and unpleasant odours. It is advisable to remove pet waste as soon as is possible, for hygiene reasons and to reduce the likelihood of odours hanging around your home. If possible, you should use pet waste bags as these will help contain the odour as well as form a reliable seal around the waste, which can then be placed in your bin safely. Having a fragranced disinfectant handy will eliminate any lingering odour and help keep your house smelling fresh.

Keeping your animal clean, yourself clean and your house clean and fresh will provide many benefits and reduce the likeliness of picking up infections from germs. A good pet owner owes it to their animal to do their utmost to provide a clean, safe and loving environment in which to live and share their lives.

Sharon McQueen writes regularly on animal hygiene for a number of websites and blogs. She highly recommends the pet-friendly products sold by Zoflora to keep your home smelling fresh.

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