How to Run Your Small Business from Your Phone

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Starting a business is no small feat, and being able to run one, efficiently, is even more challenging. However, sometimes scaling down and making things simpler can be even more efficient. We aren’t talking about your operation; we’re talking about your operating tool: your smartphone. That’s right. In today’s modern marketplace, smartphones have reached a point where many business owners could run their company right from the convenient computer in the palm of their hand. Being able to utilize your phone to run your business means that you can properly manage a business from anywhere in the world just by taking your phone out of your pocket. Here are some tips about how to run your small business from your smartphone…

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Make sure you’re in the right industry for mobile

The first thing that you need to do, if you want to run a business from your smartphone, is make sure that you are in an industry, and have a business model, which will enable you to do this. Some companies will need to be a lot more hands on, and won’t have the convenience of being able to be managed from a phone. However, even when it comes to these businesses/industries, pretty much any company today could benefit from making sure that their is an ample amount of mobile accessibility in their management solutions.

Ensure your data management software is mobilized

If you are running an entire business from your phone, there is a good chance that you deal a lot with digitalization. Typically, a company with this level of digitization will have a substantial amount of data that needs to be managed. While companies in the past have required large server rooms and a full IT staff for their data management (and, indeed, if you get large enough, you might too), most small businesses today have the terrific option of being able to use cloud-based data management solutions.

The crux of online data management solutions usually will rest in some form of enterprise resource planning software (or ERP, for short). When we talk about large server rooms of the past, we are largely referring to what ERP used to be. However, nowadays, cloud-based ERP has opened up small business owners to its benefits by using cloud storage and management software that can be accessed from a cell phone. If you want to run a viable business operation from a smartphone, this is something that you shouldn’t skimp on. Read this article here to get some more details about how useful ERP has become in the age of mobility.

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Utilize and keep up to date with social media platform viability

A major aspect of business that can determine the line between success and failure is a company’s interaction with its consumer base. Although businesses used to depend on traditional advertising to get this done, today they are able to take advantage of all the social media platforms that have been made popular by the internet. Social media opens up the door for companies to talk directly to customers, and to create their own narrative on a daily basis.

The good news for any business owner who wants to run their business entirely from their smartphone is that social media platforms are almost entirely developed for the world of mobility. As such, it should be quite simple to manage your social media operations from a smartphone. However, it is important to keep up to date with the tools that are available to you on a smartphone, and how you should adjust your social media campaigns based on new updates (here’s an example of an update last year that affected social media marketing).

How to Run Your Small Business from Phone

Take advantage of all mobile business apps

There are tons of apps that can help a business owner manage any aspect of their business, and there are new ones being developed, every single day. Whether it is your business’ accounting, VoIP system, or simply project and task management, there is most definitely an app that has or is being developed that will help make your processes even more powerful and convenient. Always keep your ear to the ground about new apps that can help you develop your mobile business operation.

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