How To Tell What The Best Shaving Products Are

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While many discount drug stores sell a barrage of shaving creams and razors, this does not mean that they are the best products for your skin. These products, while accessible, are in fact some of the worst products for your skin. Inferior products often tend to irritate the skin leading to both a longer and less effective shave. However, once you know what you are looking for in shaving products, the easier it is to select the best available for your needs.

Shaving Products

Best Shaving Brushes to Bring Out the Bristle

When looking for the best shaving brush, it is important to select one made with natural as opposed to artificial bristles. The best shaving brushes are often made with bristles sourced from badger, horse, or boar hair. The reason that these are among the best selection for this type of shaving product has to do with their natural ability to absorb water while exfoliating dead skin. Once absorbed into the bristles, the water is then infused into the shaving cream making for more moisturized skin and stubble. Natural bristles also last longer, allowing for a better return on the investment.

Shaving Creams to Prep and Moisturize

The best shaving creams for any skin type will lubricate the skin throughout the duration of the shave. To find the shaving cream best for you, select one full of emollients. Ingredients such as glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil are some of the best choices as they will make the process much smoother for you as it softens your skin as well as your stubble. The best shaving creams also rinse clean. This is important for both your pores, and adding life expectancy to your razor blades. You can shop here for various other shave prepping items such as oils and cleansers as well.

Razors That Cut Close and Stay Sharp

When looking for the best razor, there are many options from disposable, reusable, electric, and the classic straight razor. While many swear by the traditional straight razor for the best shave, this is truly a matter of preference. It is important when looking for the ideal razor for your needs that you select one that fits your lifestyle as well as your needs. For instance, a straight razor may not be the best option for individuals with a shaky hand. An electric razor is not necessarily the best choice for the man that prefers a close wet shave.

The perfect shave brings out confidence, charm, and a swagger that is undeniable. Whether you prefer to be clean shaven, sport a beard, mustache, or any variation in between, your facial hair is the perfect accessory to any look. However, it takes the best shaving products to get the best results. Using the best shaving products will bring out the best man in you.

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