How You Can Change the Brake Pads of your Car – Brake Service Guide

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Everyone loves the feeling of pride after completing a task all by themselves, it’s sort of a sense of encouragement that we gain from within that “yes I did it”. The same emotion can even be seen when you accomplish any type of brake service and repair all by yourself without taking help from the service station. Through this, you can even grab an opportunity to save some extra bucks from your budget too. As brakes are the heart and soul of any car, you have learned to change the pads and rotors of your brake all by yourself, then you can easily save almost a thousand bucks from the repair bill on your car.

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So, without any further ado, here is a quick guide that will help you in changing the brake pads and rotors.

First Step- Understand the Parts of Break

In order to be an expert in the job, you must have prior knowledge about the tools and techniques; the same concept is applicable for this task too. When dealing with the brake of your car, you must know that there are six essential elements that you have to deal with while changing the pads and rotor.

  • Brake Pads, which are enabled on the brake.
  • Brake rotors, the small disc.
  • Brake pad sensors, which have wires incorporated in them.
  • The grease that is used in brake pads.
  • The cleaner of brake pad.
  • Caliper guide bolts, which should be replaced if they are in bad condition.

Second Step- Collect the Tools

In the second step you must sort out the tools that are going to be essential for your brake service and repair. The prime tool that will be needed here is a racket and sockets, and then you must have a Caliper piston; medium, one C-clamp, after that you should include shop rags, Nitrile gloves, few screwdrivers of different sizes and finally a torque wrench. These tools will help you in completing your task with efficiency and clarity.

Third Step- Let the Game Begin!

Now, you are ready to change the brake pads on your car. When, you are about to change the pads always make sure that you remove them in pairs. Here, one thing should be noted that the pads, and rotors of the front wheel are quite huge compared to the other pads, but the procedure is same for all. First remove the wheel of your car using the jacket from your car tool box, after that is done, detach the anti-rattle clip with screwdriver, and finally remove the brake pads. But, while working with the front wheel do remember to turn the wheel completely towards the left or right so that you can make your way to the caliper guide. Here, you have to pull the guide apart from the rotor, and after that you can find the black caliper bolts, loosen up these bolts and remove the brake pads. One thing that can be seen here is that though you must have removed the brake pads from the rear side using this process, yet while dealing with the front part you need to follow an additional step and that is the brake pad on the front area will be attached to the caliper piston with the help of a clip. So, lose up the clip and then remove the sensors from the pad, a few pads even incorporated several wiring in its sensors, hence be careful while removing it, once you have removed the sensors you can easily remove the brake pad.

Final Step- Fixing New Brake Pads

You have finally arrived at the final step of your brake service and repair procedure. In this step you have to just perform three simple things.

  • Apply an anti-sequel get on the back end of the pads (the end that does not come in contact with the rotor)
  • Install the pads in the caliper by removing the bungee cord.
  • The pads basically don’t look similar in appearance; hence you can easily explore which pad needs to be fixed where.
  • Screw up the holes of caliper with the caliper guide, here you can apply brake grease on the caliper bolts, slide them up.
  • At last, tight up the caliper using the bolts and you have changed your brake pad!

If you still want to know more about brake repair and service then let’s go to the details and get some more useful information.

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