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Whether you despise the morning commute, or just need a job that fits in around childcare, working from home can be a great way to make money, and it often allows for a more flexible working pattern. It’s becoming more popular too, with a huge rise in the number of self-employed workers in the UK, with people who are finding themselves out of work becoming budding entrepreneurs instead. Even if you don’t have a specific skill, there are lots of jobs you can pick up fairly easily, and here are a few suggestions for starting your own home business.

Home Business

1. Get crafty
If you have a casual crafting hobby that you enjoy, why not make some extra cash out of it? There’s a great demand for homemade, unique items, and you could try:

  • Cake decorating
  • Making clothing or other textiles
  • Making cards or decorative items
  • Creating floral arrangements
  • Building or repairing furniture
  • Creating scrapbooks or other unique items

These are all skills that you can pick up the basics of fairly easily, and you can then hone your skills as time goes on, offering more complex designs and a greater variety of services. Just make sure you follow any local health and safety rules, and ensure you have the right permits if you’re going to do things such as preparing food items.

2. Offer a service

Even if you don’t have a specific skill, many of us can offer a basic service for busy people who don’t have the time to run errands, or need some little jobs done now and again. This could include:

  • Man and van services
  • House or pet sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Cleaning or doing laundry
  • Ironing

These are things that most people can do with minimal set up costs, and they can then grow their business as they develop a solid client base and a good reputation. Some businesses expand so much that they go from being based at home to needing their own office space for lease in Manhattan, so you never know where your humble business may take you. Just think of some jobs you find annoying to do on a daily basis, and offer to lighten the load for others.

3. Go solo

If you already have a professional qualification, and find yourself out of work, or unable to find a job that’s flexible enough, why not consider going solo? For example, if you’re currently a nursery nurse, you could have your own childminding business at home, and it’d be up to you to decide what hours you’re available. If you have a creative job, but are finding the commute hard, or want to try new things, then going freelance can be a great way of making money while you pursue other interests, or even while you’re studying. It can even lead you to different areas where you might not have considered working before.

4. Buy a franchise

If you’ve got the drive to start your own business, but are a little cautious about taking the plunge, then buying a franchise could be ideal for your needs. It means you get the backing of a known brand, all while running the day to day business on your own. Franchises can include anything from handyman services, to music lessons for kids, and they can be a great way to see if you’re suited to going alone in future.

5. Teach people

If you’ve got a specific skill and some extra time, why not teach others? Whether it’s a baking class, language lessons, or general tutoring for kids, most people have some sort of knowledge that they can impart, and lessons can be held at your own home, or you could travel to them. This is a great way to earn cash, as well as having a rewarding, satisfying career where you get to meet all sorts of people.

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