Important Eye Care Tips for Nail Technicians

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As a nail tech you love your job and you enjoy the flexible hours, but do you ever leave your salon with red, puffy eyes that itch and water? If you aren’t taking good care of your eyes during the day, you’re rubbing your eyes more and experiencing eye pain that can be prevented with a few easy tips for responsible eye care in the salon.  In a recent article in Nails Magazine, a report revealed that, “The discomfort you feel may be the result of neglecting proper eye safety in the salon.”  Let’s look at some common sense tips that can keep your eyes healthy, refreshed, and ready to do an exceptional job for your clients.

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As a next step beauty professional you must take proper steps to protect your eyes in the salon

1.       Don’t wear contact lenses in a nail salon.  In her book, The Complete Nail Technician, Marian Newman says that, “vapors can be absorbed by soft lenses and seriously affect the eye.”  Those vapors combined with dust particles can get trapped in your eyes and cause irritations.  Wearing a shield will protect your eyes from both dust and vapors that attach to contact lenses.
2.       Always wear eye protection.  Eye protection keeps clippings, shavings, and dust from getting into your eyes.  Make an eye mask a part of your professional attire.
3.       Don’t rub your eyes if they seem irritated.  You should wash your eyes throughout the day with clean hands so that you won’t have irritations that cause you to want to rub your eyes.  You could scratch the cornea in your eye and cause other damage to the tissue around the eyes.
4.       If you do choose to wear contacts, clean them thoroughly every night.  Don’t just soak your contacts in a saline solution; you should use a cleanser that removes build-up on the lenses and prepares them adequately for your next day.  Never use tap water or put them in your mouth to clean them; this is only compounding the issue of eye irritation.

If eye irritation persists, you should not hesitate to make an appointment with your healthcare provider to ascertain the cause of the problem and to obtain corrective measures to protect the health of your eyes.  As a next step beauty professional, you will be depending on your eyes to spot problems areas, to notice cracks and breaks in nails that are hard to see, and to make sure that you apply acrylics and embellishments properly.  Having problems with your eyes in the salon can impact your quality of work and the repeat business that you get from your clients.  Making sure that your eyes are in tip top shape can help your business to grow and your client base to expand. Make sure that you keep current on new technology and products that become available in your industry so that you can share with colleagues and perhaps the owner of your salon.  Working healthy can help you to be more successful in your career as a nail tech.

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