Inspire Child and Adult Imaginations with Creative Face Paint

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Parties, festivals and other events are made special by a number of things but nothing can inspire a child’s imagination (or indeed an adult’s) more than face painting. Over the years, it has become a bit of a lost art and so it is time to bring it back so that you can make even

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Children’s Face Paint

Butterfly – Either paint a whole butterfly across your child’s face or go for a small butterfly on the cheek. Apply a light color across the cheeks, over the eyes and above the eyebrows in 2 large triangles to create the basic shape of the wings. When this has dried you can add the outlines with a thin brush to create the edges of the wings, the body of the butterfly across the bridge of the child’s nose and then add dots for the wing patterns.trans

Tiger – Use an orange base coat then add sweep a white sponge across the child’s chin, mouth and eyes (all the past the eyebrows) once this has dried. Use black paint and a thin brush to then draw on whiskers, a nose, and stripes. Add as many or as little as you want. Put together a simple tiger costume and your kid will have a great time.

Spiderman – Paint your child’s face red and leave two large almond shaped space around the eyes. Fill these in with white paint and then using a thin brush with black paint, begin to draw on spider web marks. Don’t worry if the lines are a little wobbly – it will look authentic!

Dog – Children love to dress up, and when it comes to pretending to be animals, nothing makes them happier. Dog face paint can be as simple or as complicated as you like – just apply a base color of choice over the whole face and then add large eyebrows using a darker color, add a patch of darker paint over the eye, then draw on a tongue outline and fill it with pink. Combine with a cute dog onesie and you have yourself a very easy costume.

Adult Face Paint

Grownups tend to be able to sit still for longer and will remember that they’ve got face paint on, which means that they can have much more intricate designs than children!

Zombie – Seen any good zombie movies recently? Then you will probably be inspired to create an imaginative “living undead” look yourself, right? Start by painting your face white all over for a ‘dead’ pale look. Add dark patches using a face paint kit from Jest Paint and blend into the eyes and under your cheekbones to create a gaunt appearance. Add cuts and have blood oozing from various part of your face including your eyes, nose and mouth. You could even add a bullet wound to your head by using a pale yellow circle of paint and blending it into red to make it look truly horrific – a great one for Halloween!

Avatar – A popular films and an even more popular fancy dress idea, this is one you will really have to commit to if you want to go full blue avatar. Before you worry about body paint, practice the face paint to see if you like the look. You will need a pale blue base paint which can be applied to your face and neck with a large sponge. Make sure that it is even right across your face and that it goes right up to your hairline. Using a darker blue paint and a thin brush, apply thin lines to create the famous Avatar facial contours and use the same along the eyebrows. Add tiny white dots between the lines and this will complete the Na’vi look.

Kiss – Get three friends together and go as the 1970s rock band Kiss to your next fancy dress party. All you will need are the two basic colors; black and white. Use a large sponge to apply the white base coat and then help each other create the iconic black shapes against the white. Team it up with some creative Kiss costumes and you have the best look ever!

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