Keep the Dangerous Little Pests Out of your Yard

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Mosquitoes and ticks are not merely bothersome, they can be very dangerous to your health. You could be unknowingly inviting them into your garden or backyard if you have standing water in puddles, toys or potted plants or weeds that are never cut. There are several things you can do in and around your home for mosquito and tick control.

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Check for Ticks

After spending time in the great outdoors, it’s important to check your clothing for ticks. They hide in folds and cracks, so you need to inspect each piece of clothing as you take it off. Prompt removal of ticks can prevent some infections. You can also find repellants that are suitable for skin or clothing. Permethrin is put on clothing and is highly effective for repelling and killing ticks. If you use repellants for several consecutive days, it’s recommended to bathe after each exposure.

Ticks like moist, shady places and die in dry sunny places. Make sure all the piles of leaves and other debris is located away from the places people gather. Keep playground equipment away from treed areas. If you live near a forest or wilderness, avoid having plants in your yard that attract deer because they can bring ticks. Your local nursery will know which plants are best.

You should regularly look in nooks and crannies where ticks hide such as fences, brick walls, and wooden retaining walls. If you have a dog or cat, check their fur for ticks. You can get tick-repellant collars.

Professionals will install barrier sprays and tick tubes to control ticks. Tick tubes contain cotton soaked in pesticide. When field mice take the cotton to their nests, it effectively eliminates hundreds of tick nymphs that live in mouse nests.

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Avoid Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. The females lay their eggs in ponds and puddles or anywhere water has failed to evaporate. If you garden has toys or garden tools left out in the rain, they could hold enough water to attract mosquitoes. Even dog bowls, tarps and gutters are places mosquitoes will breed. Piles of grass clippings, leaves and firewood are also places where mosquitoes congregate.

There are mosquito elimination barrier treatments that are all-natural protection, so you don’t need to use mosquito repellant that contains DEET. You can have a one-time treatment or a regular misting treatment that is installed in your yard.

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