Keeping Your Art On The Wall Without Angering Your Landlord

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Hanging up posters and framed art can be a challenge, especially when you don’t want to make holes in the walls. If you don’t want to irritate your landlord, there are a number of guilt-free ways to decorate your walls.

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Sticky Putty

If you’re hanging up an unframed poster, you may want to consider using sticky putty, also known as sticky tack. This substance usually comes in a molded stick that can be broken into pieces and reshaped however you need it. The putty will attach paper to your walls without using relying on holes, and will generally come off the wall clean when you no longer need it. Putty is not strong enough to hold up framed pictures.

If you are having trouble getting it off the wall, roll a larger piece of tack over the stuck piece to get as much off as possible. Then spray a little lighter fluid over the spot and scrub it away.

Adhesive Strips

These strips are like a heavy duty sticker, connecting your picture frames and posters to the wall. You can get an idea from how much weight each strip will support from the package. These strips come in different levels of support, so be sure to check if you are hanging something heavy. When you want to take the picture down or move out, you can just peel the strip away from the wall.

Adhesive Hooks

Much like the strips, these hooks stick directly onto your wall. They typically have a little more strength than your average adhesive strip and can be used for heavier frames. Again, be sure to check what the weight limit is to make sure you don’t break your favorite frame. These should remove cleanly when you are done, but be sure to peel them off slowly to prevent taking a little of the paint off with the hook.

Over The Door Hooks

If you want to hang a framed picture from your door, consider using an over the door hook. These little metal devices hook over the top of the door on one side and have a hook for hanging whatever you want on the other. These can work especially well for frames with a wire for hanging on the back or for larger items like wreathes. There is no chance of damage to the wall or door with these, since there is no sticky substance to remove when you are done. Simply pick it up and move it to the next door or put it in storage for next time.

Magnet Strips

If you have a metal frame, you could also try magnet strips. These strips are sticky on one side and have a magnet on the other. They often come in rolls and can be cut to the specific length that you need. Put a strip on the top and the bottom for extra hold. You may want to bring your frame to the store with you to make sure that the magnet is h3 enough to support the weight.

Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are another option for hole free picture handing. Get strips that have velcro on one side and a sticky substance on the other. Stick one piece to the wall and another to your picture frames or posters to create a system that lets you easily switch pictures around on your walls without pulling off the old hanging system and buying a new one.

There are many methods to get your pictures up on the wall without upsetting your landlord or lessening the value of your home. The method that works best for you will depend on whether you are using frames or not, how heavy those frames might be, and how concerned you are about leaving a sticky residue on the walls or pulling up a little of the paint.

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