Keeping Your Bathroom Safe And Healthy

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We have all heard stories in which someone gets hurt in their bathroom, whether we are talking news stories, statistics which tell us that bathroom is, along with kitchen, among the most unsafe places in the house; or whether we are talking personal experiences and stories from people that we know.


In addition to the issue of safety, there is also the issue of bathroom healthiness which can often be improved with a few little adjustments that anyone can do. In the end, is there a reason why you would have a bathroom that is not as healthy and as safe as you can make it? We didn’t think you’d have one.

So, this is what you can do.

Make sure you cannot slip

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the home and the number 1 reason for this is slipping and falling in the bathroom. The combination of slippery surfaces and water (and soap) is not the safest combination in the world. In fact, it is the perfect stage for losing your footing and breaking a few bones on the hard surfaces.

The best way to avoid this is to start putting in non-slip mats in the shower or the tub, as well as some non-slip mats on the floor of the bathroom. Installing grab bars is also a good idea, especially these days when you can find some really sleek designs that have come a long way from grab bars you may have seen in old people’s homes.

Destroy the mold

The bathroom is something of a paradise for mold. It is usually warm, it is damp and often it is not ventilated enough. These are all perfect conditions for the spreading of mold. As we all know, mold can have detrimental effects on the human health, from allergies to asthma attacks and even toxic events where the mold produces a certain toxin which can harm your and your family’s health.

The first step towards destroying mold is ensuring that you have no leaks in your bathroom. This involves having someone repair broken showers, check out any taps that you may have that are leaking, as well as your plumbing in general. Next, you should ensure your ventilation is good enough and you should also wipe down any wet surfaces that you have in your bathroom.

Stow away your chemicals

Many people keep all kinds of chemicals in their bathroom, mostly cleaning products such as drain fluid and various other products that can be extremely toxic and even lethal if ingested. If you have a small child in the house or a pet that likes to explore, you have to think long and hard about keeping the chemicals out of their reach.

You can either place them high up or you can keep them locked. If you keep them locked, make sure your child does not know where the key can be found. Another good idea is to buy products which have caps that cannot be opened that easily.

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